August 23, 2016

New US Homes Marching Upward

   August 23, 2016

New US Homes Marching Upward


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Editor’s remarks:

New US Homes are on the rise. Earlier this year, US homes hit a 8 and a half year high and is not expected to deviate from that trajectory. Although it is a long way to go until numbers match that of 2005 and 2006, the debt that accompanies buying a new home will raise eyebrows. The market is already under pressure regarding mortgages for malls and big retailers. However, in comparison to the numbers reached a decade ago, the level of debt should be much more manageable and should ease concerns of another crisis. The sale of new homes and at higher prices will be exactly what the Fed will want to hear and will encourage optimism for rate rises. Also, it shall be interesting to see when the construction industry, typically one of the last industries to see change in terms of technology, will experience a rise in start-ups and disruption as technological changes impact industries across the board.

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