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    Closely following how partisanship and tunnel vision divide us and prevent developing new technologies and finding solutions to problems, or ...
  • 2
    Passionate about the European economy, the financial crisis and repairing the EU
  • 3
    Interested in the incentives required to ensure productive economic behavior, a level playing field and efficient capital allocation
  • 4
    Passionate about FinTech and Digital Disruption which will profoundly impact the global economy as well as our personal lives. Co-author ...
  • 5
    Marketing Consultant at Slim Digital || Content & Community Specialist at The Martec || First Year Student at UNSW studying a Bachelor of ...
  • 6
    Venture capital analyst in London, focused on late-stage, private companies and their pre-IPO growth profiles. Background in complex financial product ...
  • 7
    Strategy Consultant. You can find and subscribe to my weekly newsletter here:
  • 8
    Nicholas is a financial analyst by profession with extensive experience in investment research and stock market analysis. He runs a ...
  • 9
    Passionate about consumer-facing industries. Enjoy looking at industry trends and brand positioning. A history graduate from King's College London currently ...
  • 10
    The prevalence of Economics in everything we see or do is a major pull factor for me.
  • 11
    Flavia is Executive Director at Eurosif, the pan-European sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) membership organisation whose mission is to promote ...
  • 12
    Miles is a former economist at the Central Bank of Armenia. He holds a B.A. from Harvard University in ...
  • 13
    MEng grad from Imperial College London and incoming MSc candidate at Imperial Business School. An aspiring financier currently at Moody's ...
  • 14
    Tyler has a Master's in International Relations from his time as a Mitchell Scholar in Ireland and will study law ...
  • 15
    Passionate about business growth and ultimate business exits through strategic, value-adding mergers and acquisitions.
  • 16
    An Internet, marketing, and e-commerce specialist with several years of experience in the industry. He has watched as the world ...
  • 17
    Having been brought up in Hong Kong as an Indian who currently studies in Milan, I have developed a multifaceted ...
  • 18
    20 year old who is currently in the midst of his national service and hence spends his free time researching and ...
  • 19
    My principle interest is maximising one’s wealth in the global commodity and equity markets in today’s constantly changing ...
  • 20
    Passionate about Tech Innovation, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Crypto, AI, Big Data & Futurism.
  • 21
    I am Head of North American Field Marketing at Cognizant and interested in the intersection of new technologies, healthcare, finance, ...
  • 22
    Marc A. Ross specializes in global communications and thought leader management at the intersection of politics, policy, and profits. Working ...
  • 23
    finance, bitcoin and global affairs
  • 24
    'Larger purpose' leadership. Cross border & cross generation innovation. Expertise in 'Emerging Technologies: From Smartphones to IoT to Big Data' & Smart ...
  • 25
    Fervent adventurer of both the theory and practice of International Relations, Strategic Security Studies and European Integration. Exploring the world ...
  • 26
    An insightful journalist/analyst that covers, International Relations, Cyber Security, Propaganda, African Security, U.S. foreign policy, & History.
  • 27
    I research and write about the state of enterprise technology in New York and I continuously keep an eye on ...
  • 28
    Currently, the Director of Engineering for a Software Company delivering AI and Blockchain solutions. Previous work includes 20 years as a ...
  • 29
    Interested in financial systems and market movements and how these are influenced by global macroeconomic and political events.
  • 30
    Alex Trauth-Goik commonly writes at where he strives to offer fresh perspectives on new and emergent issues in ...
  • 31
    Freelance researcher and writer covering the Middle East. Contact: [email protected] Twitter: @tannervbaloh
  • 32
    I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers ...
  • 33
    Ryan Shea has been employed in the financial sector for more than two decades. During this time he has held ...
  • 34
    Interested in working within Global Markets, Interested in Financial Markets and the influence of the interdependency of Geopolitical and Economic ...
  • 35
    Content Writer and blogger, specialized in business and finance.
  • 36
    Interested in how the geopolitical landscape impacts countries economic growth, market and development. I aim to analyse how the current ...
  • 37
    Great passion for asset/investment management, wealth management, financial markets, corporate finance and the global economy.
  • 38
    The why guy, self-development junkie, technology aficionado, blockchain enthusiast, hang-glider pilot, green-tea drinker, a man of the world with a ...
  • 39
    I am interested in commercial law, especially in areas such as corporate M&A, private equity, and dispute resolution. Global ...
  • 40
    The global economy is exploding in debt. Everyone knows its not sustainable but fall in line with their 'business as ...
  • 41
    Roberto is pursuing a Masters in Management with Finance at the prestigious UCL School of Management. His interests revolve around ...
  • 42
    International and regional security, especially with respect to the Middle East and South Asia.
  • 43
    MEng Computer Science at University College London Current interests include solving time series forecasting problems using LSTM recurrent neural networks.
  • 44
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy
  • 45
    Hemang is a passionate researcher and writer working as Sr. Marketing Executive with Cygnet Infotech. He, being passionate about technologies, ...
  • 46
    Former equity/energy derivatives trader and past member: CBOE, CME, LIFFE. Author of SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation, The ...
  • 47
    Senior Corporate & Reinsurance Attorney, assisting the Bermuda Goverment’s ICO & Blockchain initiative. Passionate about Insurtech, Fintech, AI, IoT, Crypto.... and ...
  • 48
    Passionate about accounting, technology, international tax avoidance, commodities, Asian markets, exotic financial products, M&A and its impact on ...
  • 49
    Writer, speaker, scholar, management consultant, and a political and social commentator with an international background and outlook. I'm interested in ...
  • 50
    Marketer, tech guru, occasional copywriter and a never-ending learner.
  • 51
    As a development practitioner, I'm interested in finding the right policy mix that can alleviate poverty and raise living standards
  • 52
    My area of expertise is the LatAm markets and I have a keen eye for how international politics will affect ...
  • 53
    I am enthusiastic about developments in global affairs, automobile and tech world
  • 54
    Franklin is an active investor and entrepreneur with interests in global affairs, technology and scientific discovery. He is passionately dedicated ...
  • 55
    I am Principal of Claydon Energy Partners (, a research firm that advises family offices and individuals ...
  • 56
    My Educational background in International Business, Banking and Finance. has brought to understand the key importance of accurate representation information ...
  • 57
  • 58
    I am interested in fixed income markets and financial risk management. I also like commenting on the topics linking finance ...
  • 59
    Fascinated by the ever changing Global Economy and its effect. An active follower of what\'s going on in M&...
  • 60
    A dual British-American citizen, I studied tech and engineering at Virginia Tech. After a stint at an investment bank in ...
  • 61
    Value investor and financial market analyst. Interested in fintech disruption and financial market evolution.
  • 62
    SVP @Opera Solutions. Management consulting. AI enthusiast. Love the stories that hide in data. Passionate about women in business.
  • 63
    AI and data science
  • 64
    Interested in global financial market and investment. Hope to provide my readers new perspectives on matters that are on our ...
  • 65
    Interested in the emerging industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain. More specifically, cryptoeconomic incentives and valuation modeling.
  • 66
    Niels is currently undertaking his master studies in International and European Law at the University Toulouse (European School of Law), ...
  • 67
    My name is John Scutz and I am a technology enthusiast at Adeptia Inc. ...
  • 68
    I enjoy keeping up global business trends, change in dynamics. I am a climate change advocate and I'm Interested investment ...
  • 69
    MSc Finance Student at Strathclyde Business School 2019. Interested in global affairs, emerging markets, and the UK economy.
  • 70
    I am passionate about global issues surrounding legitimacy of democratic organs and the legitimacy of legal obligations and rights.
  • 71
    Social justice and equality.
  • 72
    I cover financial regulatory policy, the foreign exchange market, sovereign debt, and related economic issues in the Americas. By trade, ...
  • 73
    Politics Current affairs Feminism
  • 74
    Pavel Bains is an entrepreneur, futurist, designer and investor in exponential technologies. He is the CEO of Bluzelle, which is ...
  • 75
    Having previously worked in Dubai and advised British and American investors interested in the GCC economies, I'm passionate about the ...
  • 76
    I am a Sydney-based business consultant, online marketing analyst and a writer. With six years of experience and a degree ...
  • 77
    Traveling the world as an Inaugural Class student at Minerva Schools. You'll find me writing about Economics, Tech, Development, Basketball ...
  • 78
    Keen observer of Emerging Markets and Global Economic trends. Here to share interesting perspective and insights into whats happening in ...
  • 79
    Finance and Technology
  • 80
    Passionate about behavioural finance and entrepreneurship.
  • 81
    Closely following the rising opportunities and trends within Cryptocurrency and FinTech
  • 82
    Writer passionate about fintech, blockchain and IT
  • 83
    An aspiring city lawyer with a keen interest in how current affairs shape global markets. Primary interests include M&A, ...
  • 84
    I'm a financial/business journalist, writing about markets and the global economy. I've got a degree in Finance and a ...
  • 85
    Kiran Gutha has an experience of more than 6 years of corporate experience in various technology platforms such as Big Data, ...
  • 86
    Economic Affairs, Financial Markets, Single Supervisory Mechanism, Quantitative Easing, Brexit
  • 87
    Payments , Alternative Investments and FinTech are aspects within finance that excite me due to my passion for all things entrepreneurial .
  • 88
    Milos Mudric is a content specialist and tech enthusiast. He is the founder of Silver Fox Digital and for The ...
  • 89
    Passionate about broad-based asset sharing and the democratization of capital and ownership
  • 90
    Global investor with special interest in biotech, AI, space and crypto. Former fintech entpreneur in Brazil and M&A banker. ...
  • 91
    An aspiring city lawyer with a keen interest in Energy & Infrastructure.
  • 92
    Daniel is Founder and CEO of Lantah, the first blockchain-based borderless marketplace. He is passionate about utilizing science and technology ...
  • 93
    Passionate about M&A as a regular reader of financial news publications
  • 94
    In my opinion, the job of analysts, traders, financiers or investment managers, is not simply making money for the clients ...
  • 95
    I am the Founder and CEO of Melissinos Trading, a quantitative and systematic asset manager specializing in capitalizing on price ...
  • 96
    Founder of tech startup Evident Proof and CEO of Berkshire Cloud & ex-Microsoft Innovation Director. With more than 20 years’ experience in ...
  • 97
    Passionate about technology, and digital transformation.
  • 98
    Mainly cover international affairs and United States domestic policy. Twitter: @jskrase
  • 99
    I'm a business consultant with an eye on developments in the fields of technology, innovation and life style.
  • 100
    An entrepreneur at heart, my mission is to simplify technology for people to understand how things actually work in the ...

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