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Recognising the top 100 authors on The Market Mogul

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    You will see me write about emerging financial technology as well as general developments in the tech sector, along with ...
  • 2
    Closely following how partisanship and tunnel vision divide us and prevent developing new technologies and finding solutions to problems, or ...
  • 3
    I am particularly interested in the areas cryptocurrencies and Fintech as I think these areas are beginning to gain traction ...
  • 4
    Interested in the incentives required to ensure productive economic behavior, a level playing field and efficient capital allocation
  • 5
    Nicholas is a financial analyst by profession with extensive experience in investment research and stock market analysis. He runs a ...
  • 6
    Former equity/energy derivatives trader and past member: CBOE, CME, LIFFE. Author of SLOP - The Wild Boar Nation, The ...
  • 7
    An insightful journalist/analyst that covers, International Relations, Cyber Security, Propaganda, African Security, U.S. foreign policy, & History.
  • 8
    Today's globalised nations are interconnected through new information technologies. The latter have lead politics then economies to be influenced.
  • 9
    I love learning about and writing on the blockchain, coins & tokens.
  • 10
    Interested in FinTech and International Economics.
  • 11
    Miles is a former economist at the Central Bank of Armenia. He holds a B.A. from Harvard University in ...
  • 12
    As a former diplomat an UN employee, global affairs have become part of my expertise, knowledge, and interest.
  • 13
    Flavia is Executive Director at Eurosif, the pan-European sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) membership organisation whose mission is to promote ...
  • 14
  • 15
    I am interested in emerging, and developed, Asian markets, and their impact upon the West.
  • 16
    finance, bitcoin and global affairs
  • 17
    Having previously worked in Dubai and advised British and American investors interested in the GCC economies, I'm passionate about the ...
  • 18
    Passionate about FinTech and Digital Disruption which will profoundly impact the global economy as well as our personal lives.
  • 19
    Ryan Shea has been employed in the financial sector for more than two decades. During this time he has held ...
  • 20
    In my opinion, the job of analysts, traders, financiers or investment managers, is not simply making money for the clients ...
  • 21
    Interested in emerging markets, Middle Eastern and American politics and financial markets.
  • 22
    Curating and simplifying market trends. "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein
  • 23
    Samiksha Seth a Storyteller with over twelve years of industry experience in BFSI, Fintech, e-commerce and currently exploring the world ...
  • 24
    Student. Passionate about Financial Markets.
  • 25
    Interest in Portfolio Management.    
  • 26
    Passionate about the European economy, the financial crisis and repairing the EU
  • 27
    Thomas Gaffney is an associate attorney at Clinton & Clinton Attorneys. He enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. Thomas ...
  • 28
    Experienced researcher with a Master's degree in European Studies from the London School of Economics (LSE). I am deeply passionate ...
  • 29
    CEO of,, and (subsidiaries of I hold a Master's ...
  • 30
    I am particularly interested in how smaller countries figure in a world dominated by the \'great powers\'.
  • 31
    I am interested in the long-term effects of political stances and how those stances shape the economy.
  • 32
    Closing following the rising opportunities and trends within Cryptocurrency and FinTech
  • 33
    I am a recent graduate having completed two internships in Hong Kong and currently deciding what I will do next. ...
  • 34
    I write articles and analyses related to business and finance, with an emphasis on market trends and the global economy.
  • 35
    Technology has changed the world, with both breadth and depth of industry disruption. Everything from virtual reality to digital currency ...
  • 36
    I am Principal of Claydon Energy Partners (, a research firm that advises family offices and individuals ...
  • 37
    I am passionate about world politics, technology and lifestyle.
  • 38
    Jass is interested in a broad range of financial topics, but has a particular interest in emerging markets.
  • 39
    Financial management, analysis and valuation have always fascinated me. I support the idea of finance helping companies in improving their ...
  • 40
    Passionate about finding tech and business opportunities through interdisciplinary connections and observations. Software engineer by day, digging into cryptocurrencies by ...
  • 41
    Passionate about contextualized employment generation strategies and the democratization of capital for a wellbeing economy.
  • 42
    I am passionate about the global investment industry, identification and building of innovative and disruptive companies with the helping hand ...
  • 43
    As Chairman of Linear Investments, I have a keen interest in following the markets and creating forward thinking, dynamic market ...
  • 44
    I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers ...
  • 45
    Seth Hatmaker is an American educator specializing in secondary education. He teaches American Government and Macroeconomics. Seth is also an ...
  • 46
    My goal is to help others live more productive lives. Technology is a huge enabler to achieve that end.
  • 47
    Fascinated by the energy sector, and interested in the macroeconomic issues affecting Emerging Markets, topics on which His studies are ...
  • 48
    The possibilities of a new era sparked by the current innovations in finance, technology, and economies around the world call ...
  • 49
    Research student in Political Economy @ University of Bristol // Research Affiliate @ Schumacher Insitute // BBA, BSc (Business Economics), MSc (Economics) // https://www....
  • 50
    As a business student at EDHEC Business School in France in an international program with Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul and ...
  • 51
    The passion for communicating and expounding on facts is what maintains relevance in delivery of content. Discipline in articulation of ...
  • 52
    The Electoral Reform Society is the UK’s leading campaigning organisation working to champion the rights of voters, and to ...
  • 53
    My name is John Scutz and I am a technology enthusiast at Adeptia Inc. ...
  • 54
    Politics Current affairs Feminism
  • 55
    I am particularly passionate about political economy and a believer in laissez-faire capitalism. The less government the better!
  • 56
    Award-winning international financial journalist, author, blogger, and social media content marketing strategist
  • 57
    Building my success around things inherently and endlessly interesting to me
  • 58
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 59
    Leo is a Toronto-based political risk analyst who has worked for several consulting firms in Canada & Europe. He has provided ...
  • 60
    I'm a senior technical and international SEO professional, and Technical Marketing Manager at CyberScanner, an advanced cloud based web application ...
  • 61
    I am passionate about how emerging economies brand themselves with the right blend of research & communication strategy.
  • 62
    Myo Win Nyunt is a graduate student at Charles University in Prague where he is doing a master degree in ...
  • 63
    Passionate about everything from international political economy to small-caps.
  • 64
    Zac is CEO and co-founder of Elsen, a platform-as-a-service company that gives large financial institutions the tools they need to ...
  • 65
    I'm interested about macroeconomic policy decisions such as those taken by central banks and government and how these have an ...
  • 66
    I'm a financial/business journalist, writing about markets and the global economy. I've done a degree in Finance and a ...
  • 67
    As an Economics student, I am fascinated by developments of emerging markets, particularly in Asia and Latin America and the ...
  • 68
    I am interested in politics, especially its effect on our society, ethics, education and everyday life.
  • 69
    [email protected] Associate Consultant at africapractice --Africa's foremost risk advisory and strategic communications consultancy. 5 years and counting of outstanding ...
  • 70
    I am passionate about the power of finance to direct flows of capital which grow, disrupt and transform companies, industries ...
  • 71
    As a Brazilian citizen that has lived in the US, Italy, England and Scotland, I am very interested in global ...
  • 72
    I'm very interested in the intersection of Blockchain and Economics. How can we promote economic equality? Can a universal digital ...
  • 73
    As CEO of a leading London based Boutique Prime Broker, I am focussed on staying ahead of the development and ...
  • 74
    Law student at King's College London & aspiring solicitor. Interested in competition law, M&A, and private equity.
  • 75
    I'm a business consultant with an eye on developments in the fields of technology, innovation and life style.
  • 76
    I am passionate of the interactions between politics, economics and political risk.
  • 77
    I am interested in assurance, audit, financial reporting, FDI, corporate governance, M&As, Fintech, commercial law, and the general interaction ...
  • 78
    I currently work as a SEO Analyst in a market consultancy firm. An computer engineer by education, I have prior ...
  • 79
    Passionate about Innovation, Politics and Corporate Finance. All of these items are true bearers of creativity and development in our ...
  • 80
    I am an MSc Economics student at the University of Warwick. I enjoy writing about economics and related areas including ...
  • 81
    Weaving politics and finance into a wider narrative of the modern world.
  • 82
    Financial journalist passionate about finding new angles on consumer finances and analysing different global economic angles
  • 83
    Passionate about global affairs, primarily on analyses on terrorism, security, geopolitics and cryptocurrencies.
  • 84
    Interested in macroeconomic policy, international relations and technological development.
  • 85
    Nicola writes across a number of different sectors, including business & marketing as well as fashion, nutrition and technology.
  • 86
    Swati Thapar is a social-media consultant & copy-writer. She has previously authored research papers on renewable and clean energy. The ...
  • 87
    Passionate about the global economy, commodities, global macro investing and new technology
  • 88
    I am the author of "Yut Di - One Earth", a historical fiction about the early Chinese immigrants to North ...
  • 89
    Interested in international economics.
  • 90
    A business lawyer and passionate about financial markets and global affairs. First steps in business journalism.
  • 91
    An anthropologist, turned economist, focussed on modernity and how capital markets are affected by technological advancement and an ever changing ...
  • 92
    Reuben is a blockchain security expert and a freelance writer living in New York along with his wife and two ...
  • 93
    Arthur P.B. Laudrain is an incoming DPhil researcher in cyber security at the University of Oxford and a reserve ...
  • 94
    Nawfal Tayb is a contributor to The Market Mogul. In his spare time, he enjoys philosophizing about the meaning of ...
  • 95
    Passionate about the TMT sector, Credit Markets, the ASEAN region, Music start-ups, and Derivatives
  • 96
    Eran Feinstein is the CEO of Direct Pay Online, a global e-commerce and online payments solutions provider for the travel ...
  • 97
    I am passionate about the new trends in international prosperity, the process of wealth creation and productivity, the enablers of ...
  • 98
    I am an MSc Management student at UCL interested in Global Markets, Macroeconomics and Politics. I am currently working part-time ...
  • 99
    Passionate about trading
  • 100
    I have a broad range of interests but I am particularly fascinated by financial markets and the economy more broadly. ...

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