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How the markets reacted to Trump closing in…

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Editor’s Remarks:
It started with the majority of final pre-election polls giving Clinton up to 95% chances of winning the presidency. The joy, however, was short-lived when Trump started racking up key states such as North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa and Florida. Clinton won critical states Virginia and Colorado but lost Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which she was counting on. While the dust will take a while to settle on an election riddled with scandals and – as it turns out – surprises, one key takeaway is that assassin voters are becoming more and more important and that polling methods need to be re-thought if this election and the Brexit vote are anything to go by.
Markets have reacted negatively with a red-wash. S&P 500 futures continued to decline over the evening to 2041.55 and gold rallied with the flight to safety. There has also been a sell off in the Mexican Peso, hitting 20 pesos to the dollar. Some market commentators have called this Brexit II, with the whiplash being more severe as we transition from US and Asian markets to European markets opening. The world and markets will wait with baited breath for the acceptance speech of the winner. If Trump wins, will he really be a more ‘presidential president’ as he recently remarked and act more like a CEO running the country, similar to Reagan or Bush, or fulfil his bold claims ranging from the Mexican wall to protectionism?

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