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Who’s Coming to London?

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In 2016, over 2.3 million Americans visited the UK capital, followed by nearly 2 million French tourists and another 1.5 million Germans. One of the UK’s largest tourism companies, Merlin Entertainments, today reported that London’s tourism “is still a touch depressed” after the three major terror attacks that rocked the city last year. It’s not all been bad news though: a royal wedding is on its way. AirBnB recently revealed that the areas surrounding London and Windsor has seen bookings soar by as much as 1,438%. Furthermore, the pound’s sustained recovery is expected to put off some of the American and Chinese tourists that flocked to London in the immediate aftermath in the years to come. On the flip side, there have been greater numbers of visitors from Commonwealth nations such as New Zealand and Australia with year-on-year increases of 16.8% and 16%, respectively.

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