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Lisk SDK: Technical Breakthrough for Sidechain Development

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Lisk SDK took a major step development step at an event last night which also saw the platform launch a new brand identity and frontend design.

The relaunch, which primarily focused on user experience and how Lisk had made their interface and platform more accessible, also included an announcement on a major technical breakthrough. Although its release has been pushed back from September last year, Lisk’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Oliver Beddows said they expected a beta release for Lisk Core 1.0 in the next couple of weeks.

An API mechanism for application development, Lisk Core is the foundation for enabling projects to develop their own ‘sidechains’ that stem from the Lisk ‘mainchain’. It will form the basis for Lisk’s Software Development Kit (SDK), a Javascript-based blockchain creation application which will be used to easily build these sidechains on Lisk; its release date is as yet unknown.

Taking place in Berlin at 20:30 CET on Tuesday evening, Lisk’s CEO and co-founder Max Kordek said the rebranding event would improve accessibility for those less familiar with using the tools associated with cryptocurrency management.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Kordek said: “We basically want to distribute it to the people to make it accessible so that everyone can build on it”. The interface both on the site and with user’s wallets has also been upgraded to make it easier for people to access the ecosystem.

Lisk, which began life in 2016 as a fork from the Crypti blockchain, raised 14,000 BTC and 80.7m XCR following an initial coin offering in March. At the event, Kordek announced the launch of the Lisk Academy, an educational centre which will teach people around the world on how to use blockchain technology and realise its potential.

In a blog post published on the 14th of February, Kordek said he would devote 1.7m Lisk tokens from his own personal assets to an initiative that will fund projects which are presently or planning on developing an ICO for a sidechain off the Lisk platform.

Many in the 500 strong audiences were representatives of blockchain projects who were planning to use the latest Lisk SDK and Kordek named SocketCluster and Pg.promise as the first beneficiaries of the fund.

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