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Trump Recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital. Here’s What It Means

The US Congress decided in 1995 that the US embassy should move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Some 22 years later, President Donald Trump is making history by enforcing that decision and recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

He does so in spite of overwhelming global opposition from both allies and enemies, and this could see the Middle East – a notoriously volatile and turbulent region – engulfed in even more conflict. The US will be the first country to have an embassy in Jerusalem, while 86 other states have them in Tel Aviv.

This could have major implications for relations with both Middle Eastern countries and western allies such as France and Germany, and is another example of Trump’s willingness to act unilaterally against the advice of his own officials and experts.

Critics say that, rather than bringing peace, the decision will exacerbate the long-lasting conflict in the area.

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