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Why Doctors Don’t Create Healthcare Startups

4 min Aniruddha Malpani

Narendra Modi’s Reforms: The Modernisation of the Indian Economy

3 min Vladyslav Medvensky

Understanding the Exponential Rise of Big Data in India

Naveen Joshi    4 min

GST and Shipping: Here’s How It Will Work

Muqbil Ahmar    4 min
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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's shock demonetisation might scrub 1% off India's growth rate next year, but the country will still enjoy sturdy advances over the next four years. China, its main competitor in Asia, is forecast to tumble to and plateau at 6% over the same period, which might see India become the new target for international investors in the region. China has recently overtaken the US as the world's largest economy in terms of PPP but struggles to relax its regulatory environment and welcome international investors and companies. At this point

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: The early rise in startup funding deals has begun to decline amidst concerns that India is on the precipice of experiencing its first investment bubble. The downturn has claimed some noteworthy victims, such as PepperTap, a grocery delivery app financed by Sequoia Capital, and Indian unicorn Zomato. PepperTap has shut down delivery operations and moved into the logistics market, while Zomato has laid off 300 of its staff. Perhaps this industry crash is a much-needed wake-up call, as money has been funnelled into these technology startups without much thought. I

  • Shahvir Magol    5 minute read

    Black Money Crackdown: Lessons to Learn from India

  • George Mallett    7 minute read

    Strong and Stable: the Case for Indian Investment

    Rising Potential
  • Devan Bhalla    3 minute read

    The Indian Goods and Services Tax Saga

    India's Fiscal Overhaul
  • Shakeel Aamer    5 minute read

    Will an India-UK Free Trade Agreement Come to Fruition After Brexit?

    Rekindling Old Flames
  • Ashish Makhija    5 minute read

    Lessons Learned in 25 Years of Corporate Governance Regulation in India

    Improving Corporate Governance in India
  • Rohit Mishra    5 minute read

    Introducing The Great Indian Share Buyback Extravaganza

    Satisfying (Some) Investors
  • Neeraj Sheoran    8 minute read

    The Goods and Services Tax: What India Is Set to Gain from the New Fiscal Structure

    A New India
  • Keval Chavda    5 minute read

    The Indian Economy is Becoming a Major Global Force

    The Story So Far

Five Steps India Should Take to Improve Its Insolvency Resolution Process

Fixing India
Ashish Makhija

India’s Economic Outlook After Demonetisation Isn’t All Doom and Gloom

Five Months In
Mihir Parekh 4 min

Could a Peugeot Ambassador Captivate India?

Back from the Scrap Heap
Stefano Noce 4 min

20 Weeks Since Demonetisation, What Has India Learned?

A Report Card
Ayushi Kumar 5 min

The Economics of India

Roaring Tiger
Joao Fernandes Silva

Is All Well in Modi’s India?

Post-Demonetisation Era
Satya Doraisamy

Revolutionising Social Cash Transfers: How India is Digitising Payments

Rara Reines 4 min

Building India’s Behemoths

Mega Mergers
Swapnil Karkare

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