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What Was The Most Important M&A Deal This Year?

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Editor’s Remarks:
The Intralinks Deal Flow Projector forecasts that 2016 has seen a 3% rise in the number of M&A transactions. 2015 saw $2 trn worth of deals recorded whilst 2016 has so far seen $1.7 trn. The largest transaction of the year was AT&T and Time Warner valued at $85.4 bn, but the new President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to prohibit deals which prevent competition. In reality, the deal symbolises a massive shift in telecommunications and consumer tastes. The internet and its streaming content mean cable networks and their providers must integrate to compete or just fade from relevance. Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity was a major deal for the renewable energy sector and Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn ranked 3rd on the most important M&A deals of the year. 2017 could see fewer deals if Trump stands by his word of fighting big companies and the EU enters further economic, political and social difficulties.

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