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Why I Built The Market Mogul

Why I Built The Market Mogul

The Market Mogul didn’t start with the grandiose vision of disrupting the media industry or even to be where it is today, but instead it started in my University bedroom when I was a naive but excited Economics & Finance student, with more whys than answers.

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I was gripped by the markets and spent hours discovering topics from emerging markets to what happened during the financial crisis. I began writing blog posts on Blogger.com and caught the writing bug. As I wrote, I wanted to build something where like-minded people could write alongside one another and feel part of a community on topics of finance/global economy that they cared about.

Having little money, I spent six months learning to code (through watching videos and reading textbooks) to build the first version of themarketmogul.com.

Versions of The Market Mogul

The Market Mogul over time

I truly believed everyone with an informed perspective that was willing to share it was a mogul. I still do. To liberate all sides of the story became one of The Market Mogul’s founding principles as this is something the media industry fails to do through editorial bias.

Interning at Goldman Sachs taught me what the real world was like; I couldn’t simply skip a lecture to work on my startup, and so developed not only discipline but mental fortitude and tested how important The Market Mogul was to me. I would wake up at 4 am, work on The Market Mogul before being at Goldman Sachs for 6 am.

The days were long, challenging and intense but still managed to make the time to publish articles people had sent in from all over the world — I was passionate about making sure each article was perfect. Thus I manually edited and corrected any typos and grammatical issues. It was clear to my mentors at Goldman Sachs that I was destined for entrepreneurial pursuits. One mentor said to me:

“You’re very smart, but I guarantee if you stay here, you will quit within nine months, not out of weakness, but because it doesn’t fire you up like your start up…”

I used the advice, feedback and money I made to hire a developer to help me refine the website I had built. For the rest of that year, I worked 18 hours a day on The Market Mogul, with the help of some very loyal friends. There were many highs, from interviewing inspiring executives and entrepreneurs with the Meet a Mogul video series, to each notification when a new author joined the platform and when each and every article was published.

Some of the inspiring executives and entrepreneurs interviewed on The Market Mogul

Some of the inspiring executives and entrepreneurs interviewed on The Market Mogul

People don’t, however, talk about the low-points of entrepreneurship, failing to balance a relationship or the fact that I borrowed money from my family, who gave it to me out of their hard earned savings to keep covering developer and server costs and had to deal with the pressure and expectation as a result of walking away from jobs and careers that I never thought I would even have to follow my dream and truly bet everything on my vision.

My time at JP Morgan and Bain & Co tested the mental fortitude I had built up at Goldman Sachs. It was tough to balance very demanding full-time jobs with The Market Mogul, which continued to grow from strength to strength. I lived on 5 hours of sleep. I would continue to wake up at 4 am, work on The Market Mogul till 9 am, hit the desk at JP Morgan or in the case of Bain, fly to our clients in Scotland, work all day intensely to make sure I was able to hit all my deliverables, finish up at around 11 pm before working for one more hour on The Market Mogul. With Bain, I would spend weekends in London, which were full of meetings with fund managers, bankers and traders, pitching The Market Mogul to them in the hope that they would invest. It was not easy.

Once I had closed the investment round on a handshake, I handed in my letter of resignation to Bain. I was now able to do what I genuinely lived for, run the company I had built many years ago, and while my motives and intentions hadn’t changed, the ambition to disrupt financial media had and I was more passionate than ever to build out the vision.

The Market Mogul Today…

Today we have 12 incredible people working full time just as passionately as I do on The Market Mogul. Some are based at our London office (at Aldgate Tower — feel free to visit!), others all over the world from Montreal to Nairobi and Mumbai. We are fortunate to have investors that are leaders in the world of finance and share my passion at places ranging from Goldman Sachs to SoftBank. We have built proprietary technology that enables us to disrupt the traditional journalism model and with it, the media industry. We have published 5,000+ articles from people in 25+ countries. Our articles have been featured in mainstream publications ranging from NY Times to WSJ, Vox, World Economic Forum and BloombergView. Here’s what a few of our readers think about us: What our readers think

Our Vision For The Future

Our mission is to build a media company that gives every person on the planet with an informed perspective the place to voice it, free from editorial and political bias. Wouldn’t it be an amazing world where we could all read globalised expertise from local perspectives, and with it, change our view of the world, for the better?

I value each and every author that writes on The Market Mogul, each subscriber that reads our free Breakfast Briefing. If you have any ideas, thoughts or comments – please reach out to me directly at [email protected] – this is my personal email address, and I will read everything you send.

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