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Healthcare Projections: Obamacare vs the Republican Plan

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Editor’s Remarks:
US healthcare is set for another dramatic overhaul just a few years since Obama’s flagship Affordable Care Act was brought in, as the Republicans (GOP) push through legislation overhauling it. Now, the Congressional Budget Office have released a wide-ranging analysis of the proposal and its projected impact. No sooner did the report come out did both ends of the American political spectrum start putting their own spin on the data, making it difficult to weigh up exactly what the numbers say. For example, it has been widely warned by opponents of the plan such as Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders that 24 million people could lose health insurance coverage by 2026 as a result of the plans, with 14 million being struck off next year. However, the CBO report claimed that those 24 million would just lose their coverage under the current Affordable Care Act, and covers a mix of those losing ACA coverage they already have, others gaining it, and those choosing not to have it (for example, by switching from government to market insurance). Republicans, on the other hand, seem to have glossed over parts of the CBO’s estimates of how much insurance will cost as a proportion of income. The figures show an improvement for all the income and age brackets in today’s chart, but it seems poorer Americans in middle and old age will find their wallets hit harder in 9 years’ time than they would have under Obamacare.

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