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The Guardian Media Group’s Revenue

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The Guardian Media Group's Revenue

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Editor’s Remarks:
The media has seen one of its worst years, and not necessarily just in terms of revenues, but also credibility. The Guardian Media Group, which owns The Guardian, one of the UK’s flagship publications, has seen another revenue drop in 2016. The company’s revenues fell back to the levels recorded in 2014, after 2015 saw a small rise and, with it, the hope that so-called “quality journalism” might be back in vogue. The Guardian, with its strong left-wing stance, might have been a victim of the huge rise in populism across the world. The failure of the Guardian to understand and predict the Brexit vote and Trump’s win have dented its credibility, as it has with other venerable left-wing/centrist publications, such as the New York Times. The traditional media is also contending with a huge surge in fake news, propagated by social media. At this point, with the public seeming to have rebuffed opinion-driven liberal publications, it might be time for the Guardian to retrench and focus on less partisan news reporting, to retain market share and relevance.

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