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Goldman Sachs Goes Cool

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The premier Wall Street investment bank has relaxed its dress code as part of a bid to attract hip tech professionals.#

Editor’s Remarks: The new dress code only applies to technology and computer engineering staff but up to a quarter of its 33,000 employees work in tech divisions, and they can now turn up for work in “totally casual” attire. As banking becomes increasingly quant-led, investment banks have been competing with global technology companies for staff, and this move has been instigated by new Goldman’s Chief Information Officer Elisha Wiesel. It is not a free for all though – Wiesel has stressed that staff need to “exercise judgement when to adopt business attire particularly if you have a client meeting” – but it is a loosening in a traditionally straight-laced industry. Investment banking staff will still need to adhere to a stricter dress code but must be dying to break out their pin-stripe hoodies and black lace up sneakers.

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