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Global Value Of Investment In Fintech Sector

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Editor’s remarks:
Tech innovation, especially the behemoths of today, usually has been driven by the San Francisco Sillicon Valley, but FinTech has been shared across the ocean with China and London providing two other key locations for its development. China has seen peer-to-peer lending develop in what was before this year an unregulated environment and thus allowed for massive growth, although uncontrolled. On the other hand, London’s growth has been a stronger middle ground with welcoming regulatory conditions that its current mayor is eager to maintain. Also, part of this growth can be attributed to the rising number of VC’s and the current VC managers, most of whom former bankers, who more understanding and attracted to startup firms in the financial industry. FinTech can be comforted in knowing they have supporters within the financial industry that can help them tackle their “big bank and asset manager” competitors, many of whom have worked there before.

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