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Global Smartwatch Unit Sales 2014-2018

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Editor’s remarks:
Global sales of smartwatches are set to reach close to USD 21.09 billion in 2021 in a rapid market expansion. According to a recent report, growth is set to 53% between 2016 and 2021. This development is attributed to an increasing reliance on smartphones coupled with rising Internet accessibility, continuing to reach underdeveloped nations. Smart technology has become embedded in the reality of the young generations and the technology hardware markets are shifting their preferences. The major growth in the industry is expected to mostly come from high quantity low-cost smartwatches. Barriers to entry should be high as start-ups, and new market entrants will find restraints in creating or obtaining long lasting batteries. As society becomes more accustomed to wearing more technology, this market could develop further than smartwatches as we have seen with Snap Inc’s new toy. Expect more from the wearable technology industry and perhaps some new ventures by high-end watch makers to enter themselves.

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