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Female Employees in Major Tech Companies

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Editor’s Remarks:
The percentage of female employees in these major US tech companies varies significantly, though even Paypal’s relatively high 44% falls short of the overall percentage of women as a proportion of the US workforce, at 46.8%. The level of female representation in their leadership jobs is more or less in line with the wider economy – 25% of women held such positions in S&P 500 companies in 2015, for example – though it plummets when it comes to actual tech-focused jobs. Though there may be multiple factors at play, one explanation could be the skills and education typically required for tech jobs: female representation in many science and engineering (STEM) subjects at the university level is low indeed. One report by the National Student Clearinghouse even found that it’s decreasing across many subjects in the US, with 18% of computer science degrees going to women in 2014 compared to 23% in 2004, for example, and mathematics decreasing from 45% to 42%. Things may yet improve in the tech workforce, though, as the total number of women majoring in STEM fields has still slightly increased over the last decade.

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