November 4, 2016

Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product

   November 4, 2016

Ethiopia’s Gross Domestic Product


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Editor’s remarks:

Although boasting a poor GDP per capita, Ethiopia boasts the second largest population in Sub-Saharan Africa and a GDP that has quadrupled over the past ten years. It is outstripping its neighbours by almost double and this is mostly due to its public investment and falling oil price bills. Ethiopia is an example of how China’s economic model can be applied to other countries that rely mostly on its resources and few industries but with large populations. Although organisations are recommending private sector investment to continue growth, ensuring that the public sector continues to invest and push through reforms quickly and seamlessly as China has done for many years should be the focus. The difficult decision of staying the course with public investment and maintaining the peace is often not supported by the West but is sometimes necessary. However, another question has appeared, has Ethiopia’s lack of urbanisation helped its growth and infrastructure development? Or will it eventually slow it?

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