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Elon Musk to Say Bye to His Own Tesla Roadster

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Just weeks after debuting Tesla’s 2020 Roadster, Elon Musk has announced that his personal, midnight cherry Tesla Roadster will be the payload for SpaceX’s latest rocket launch. The Falcon Heavy rocket features 27 Merlin engines and boasts at least double the thrust of any other rocket on the market.

The Launch

As stated in the above tweets, it seems that the Falcon Heavy is to be launched with the intention of reaching Mars orbit – provided there are no hiccups with the launch. This is not the first time SpaceX has put something odd into a launch payload: in 2010, the company’s first Dragon capsule was launched with a wheel of cheese on board after weeks of rumours about a “secret payload”.

If the launch does indeed take place sometime in January, as Musk seems to suggest, it will be somewhat ahead of schedule – a refreshing break from a man whose tendency for delays almost matches the scale of his ability and achievements.

Waves of Activity

It has been an interesting few months for the aerospace industry. Jeff Bezos recently sold $1bn worth of his Amazon holdings in order to pile the proceeds into his own rocketry startup, Blue Origin. Elsewhere, Vector Space Systems successfully launched its Vector-R rocket, which intends to dominate the market for small payloads. Saudi Arabia also announced a $1bn investment in Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, The Spaceship Company and Virgin Orbit with the aim of creating a space-centric entertainment industry.

As ever, it’s been a busy time for Musk too. The hotly-anticipated Tesla Model 3 is severely delayed and there are concerns that company’s semi truck and new Roadster are distractions Musk can ill afford to entertain. This year, Musk has also set up Neuralink, which aims to link the human brain to computers in order to augment people’s minds, and The Boring Company, which recently bid to build a hyperloop in Chicago.

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