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Don’t Scotch Out Whisky Just Yet

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Editor’s Remarks:

After Baijiu, the Chinese grain-based spirit which includes Moutai, Yanghe, and more, whisky brands appear the next most valuable. National Scotch Day is being celebrated in America, the home of Bourbon, Scotch’s sweeter tasting sister. What helps is the variety of flavours and styles, which can appease a range of tastes. Mostly, brands benefit from the notion that whisky is considered a more refined spirit with almost 20% of US households earning over $100,000pa having at least one glass a week. Overall, spirits brands are diversifying their products to allow for more flavours and more variety in mixers, including pre-mixed cans of alcohol and cola. However, the biggest concerns arise from the low barriers to entry and the growing consumer love of more artisan and local makers.

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