November 26, 2016    5 minute read

Donald Trump: Much Ado About Nothing?

Over Reactions    November 26, 2016    5 minute read

Donald Trump: Much Ado About Nothing?

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th US president was met with great emotionality and in some cases even nervously by the world’s wide political and economic circles, mass media and the general public.

Does this reaction demonstrate a real understanding of what has happened or is it just a consequence of the unrealised hopes, which were formed in multiple people’s minds due to the intense labour of all types of media throughout the electoral campaign?

More Of The Same?

If one adopts a tolerable attitude towards Trump, it becomes evident that despite how things may seem, he does not much differ from the previous presidents of the US. For example Barack Obama, before becoming president did not possess a vast experience nor was he a famous political figure in the US, he was neither connected to the financial sector nor the military forces. In that sense, Trump as a ruler and a businessman looks more experienced and even more prosperous than Obama.

Speeches and remarks made by Trump often seem offensive and at times vulgar, but his election only comes to show that he understands his electorate and knows how to speak to them.

Even if it turns out that it is not a mask and that he is this way in everyday life, one should recall that George Bush Junior did not stand out through his aristocratic manners, but the ability to confuse facts and the common grammatical errors, which is not the case with Trump.

Trump Vs Bush Jr Vs Reagan

In any case, even if the majority supported Hillary Clinton, which according to Roger Stone, beat her husband in popular votes, should one then be surprised that the other half did not pay attention to the incorrect behaviour of Trump towards women.

One should not pay such close attention towards the eccentric appearance and attitude of Trump. It would make more sense to remember the unknown actor Ronald Reagan, who had to replace the intellectual Carter. Back then, due to the oil crisis, the US was on the edge of collapse.

However, not long after, terms such as “Reaganomics” started to evolve which brought back the power to the US.

The New Path For The US

It would be a big mistake to affirm that Trump, during the electoral campaign, in a sense, continued on Richard Nixon’s path, who proposed the policy of peaceful coexistence in terms of competition between the US and other countries or the US struggle for supremacy.

It may seem that in this sense, Hillary Clinton is a supporter of Reagan’s conscription call to resist the “evil empire” – the USSR. But this is not the case. Half a century ago, the Soviet Union together with the “socialist camp” was a powerful and formidable force, but to qualify modern Russia as such is a harsh exaggeration.

Strangely, the battle between the US and China, especially in the context of the former’s growing cooperation with Britain, almost lost the attention of both. Moreover, it is China that is the main beneficiary of the aggravation of relations between Russia and the US.

Slogans Don’t Always Matter

But one should not be concerned by Trump’s campaign slogans. Obama back in the days of his campaign spoke about peace, stating that not a single American would die on foreign land, receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for his words. These promises did not stop him from sending troops in Iraq, Libya, etc.

Even today American soldiers continue to die in Mosul. Therefore slogans remain just slogans, and it is the brutal reality that one then faces. The reality also consists of the fact that the power of the US president is not absolute.

Most governmental structures of the US, the special forces, for example, spread their interests in the whole world, they do not just have their own priorities and programs but also resources and funds to proceed to their implementation. Hence one is not able to discount their point of view.

One risk point is 2020, upon the termination of the “constructive cooperation” treaty signed in 1979 by Deng Xiaoping and Jimmy Carter and prolonged in 1999 by Jiang Zemin and Clinton, which could lead to a rapid conflict escalation between them.


The US has a high concentration of headquarters of international companies and bank structures. All the countries in the world, which are trading with the US, or take part in reserves and investments in the dollar and the American market, are interested in their politics.

In other words, so many interests of such powerful structures intertwine, sometimes interconnected, in other cases with opposing views, which leaves very little space for radical movements for either of the parties including the US president. That is why one should not see the election of Trump as a sign major change. one should calmly follow the events and wait for some actual serious steps to be taken and only then make up their mind.

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