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Where Do Most DDoS Attacks Come From?

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Editor’s Remarks:
Cyber attacks of various kinds have been splattered across front pages for several months now, with the latest leaks of US cyberattacks on North Korea’s nuclear programmes flipping the dynamic after allegations of Russian hacks during the US elections dominated recent news. DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks in particular, though, haven’t matched public perception in terms of numbers growth: the total of 751,895 attacks worldwide in the last three months of 2016 marks only a 4% increase on the same period a year prior. But the country of origin of these attacks, which work by flooding a targeted system with traffic, changed dramatically. China led the way for most of 2016, but in Q4 it slipped down to just fourth place as a whopping 24% of DDoS attacks were launched from US soil. This marks just one kind of cyber assault, of course – America’s attempts on North Korean and Iranian nuclear ambitions were executed with its ‘Stuxnet’ worm – meaning this data is just one piece of the increasingly complex puzzle of the digital cloak-and-dagger world.

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