May 19, 2017

Crowd-Sourced Government Anger Sentiment- US

   May 19, 2017

Crowd-Sourced Government Anger Sentiment- US

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Editor’s Remarks:
Trump – 118 days and counting?

Donald Trump is a controversial figure, he ran a controversial campaign and his presidency has been, well, controversial. Within his first 100 days, Trump issued more executive orders (30) than other US president in the past five decades to enact campaign pledges as swiftly as possible. Moreover, many of these orders were not simple procedural actions as they often are, but they were on highly contentious topics, such as the Muslim travel ban and Mexican border wall, met with strong opposition from both the public and legislators.

In addition, his administration took the decision to unilaterally bomb Syria (not Iraq as he mistakenly suggested in a television interview), escalated geopolitical tension with North Korea and carried out a string of sackings, including three people involved in investigating links between his administration and Russia.

The mainstream media has been highly critical of Trump, something he has been at pains to point out, describing it as a “witch hunt” on Twitter. Indeed, the tone of aggregated sentiment mainstream news media, specifically anger towards the US government, has remained consistently high ever since inauguration day. By contrast, the same sentiment on social media has been markedly lower (albeit it above the long-run average). This suggests that in the era of fake news, where people have increasing doubts as to the veracity of news, Trump’s robust criticism of media coverage has been effective defensive.

However, since sacking FBI director James Comey, anger towards the Trump administration has been steadily increasing even on social media. This suggests public opinion may be shifting, fertile ground for Trump’s opponents to pursue impeachment proceedings. So his latest “You’re fired” could well have started countdown to the end of his presidency.

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