Latest Articles On China

Iron Ore Rally Pushes Up Miners

2 min Anthony Schindler

China Evergrande: Raising Equity, Cutting Debt

2 min Anthony Schindler

Qatar Air in for Cathay Pacific Stake

Anthony Schindler    2 min

Driven to Distraction: Why President Trump May Not Be Focused on His Asia Trip

Anthony Schindler    6 min
  • Liam Lambert    12 minute read

    China-UK AI: A Business Fusion

    Strategic Partners
  • Amey Pramodkumar Kansara    3 minute read

    India-Japan Relations: Mutually Beneficial for Both Countries?

    Tactical Allies
  • Jacob Carabin    4 minute read

    Tesla in China: The Outlook

    Driving to Success?
  • Julian Ng    6 minute read

    National Security Reviews of Foreign Investments: What Developments in the US and China Mean

    Impactful Investments

Bitcoin: The Upcoming Fork and What It Means

A New Path
Liam Lambert 10 min

China’s Party Congress: What Will It Tell Us About Xi Jinping’s Leadership?

Party Time in Beijing
Anthony Schindler 6 min

Charts On China

  • Vernita Tertullien    6 minute read

    US Political Discord: How It Plays into the Hands of China’s Government

    Global Rivals
  • Amey Pramodkumar Kansara    3 minute read

    China and India: Different Forex Realities

    Economic Differences
  • Snezana Sokolovska    6 minute read

    China: Could It Introduce a Digital Sovereign Currency?

    Expanding Cryptosphere
  • Colin Lloyd    13 minute read

    Is Chinese Growth About to Falter?

    Up or Down?
  • John Ross    6 minute read

    The Softening of China’s Economy: The Future Outlook

    Looking Ahead
  • Tadek Baran    4 minute read

    The Snow Dragon: China in the Arctic

    Frosty Affairs
  • Sophia Gonella    5 minute read

    China’s Role in FinTech: The Steps to Africa

    Expanding Technology
  • John Ross    7 minute read

    What China’s High Life Expectancy Tells Us About Its Social Conditions

    Lives Well Lived?

Will China’s ICO Ban Make the Cryptobubble Burst?

Wielding the Hammer
Snezana Sokolovska

India vs China: Why There’s Unease Among the Asian Titans

Beasts Unleashed
Amey Pramodkumar Kansara

China’s Upcoming Communist Party Congress Will Formalise ‘Xi’ism’

World Domination?
John Ross 6 min

China and BRICS Will Continue to Dominate World Growth

Leading the Charge
John Ross 5 min

Truths and Myths of the North Korea Crisis: What Is Its True Scale?

Blown Out of Proportion?
Nikola Kedhi 6 min

China Contributes to Doubts About Pakistani Crackdown on Militants

Turning a Blind Eye?
James M. Dorsey

Is Bike-Sharing the Next Exporting Product from China?

Gearing for Success
Alessio Jue Ming Cui

Africa Investment: The Chinese Gamble?

Mutual Benefits
Chris van der Merwe

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