Latest Articles On China

India vs China: Why There’s Unease Among the Asian Titans

5 min Amey Pramodkumar Kansara

China’s Upcoming Communist Party Congress Will Formalise ‘Xi’ism’

6 min John Ross

Will China and BRICS Continue to Propel World Growth?

John Ross    5 min

North Korea Crisis: Separating Fact from Fiction

Nikola Kedhi    6 min
  • James M. Dorsey    5 minute read

    Is Pakistan Really Committed to Cracking Down on Militants?

    Turning a Blind Eye?
  • Alessio Jue Ming Cui    6 minute read

    Here’s Why China Is Gearing Up to Dominate Bike Sharing

    Gearing for Success
  • Chris van der Merwe    5 minute read

    Here’s Why China Is Betting on Africa

    Mutual Benefits
  • Vito Petan    5 minute read

    Can Chinese Banks Survive the FinTech Revolution?

    Impending Revolution

Can Anything Stop Didi Chuxing From Global Dominance?

Express Ride
Alessio Jue Ming Cui 6 min

China’s Quest to Become the World’s Top AI Superpower

Race to the Future
Liam Lambert 12 min

Charts On China

  • Alexander Baxmann    6 minute read

    China’s One Belt One Road Initiative: Will It Materialise?

    One Road to Drive Them All
  • Cem Dewilde    9 minute read

    The Business-Political Nexus and Chinese Political Risks

    Caveat Investor
  • Pascal vander Straeten    5 minute read

    Are Tensions Escalating Between China and India?

    Keeping Up Appearances?
  • Liam Lambert    7 minute read

    Apple Opens Data Centre in China: Complying with New Cybersecurity Laws

    Solid State
  • Oliver Yorke    6 minute read

    Notes From the 2017 G20 Summit: Are We Witnessing a Major Turn of Events?

    American Introversion
  • Ivan Draganov    5 minute read

    How Green Bonds Could Develop China’s Fixed Income Sector

    Friendly Environment
  • Terry Ng    9 minute read

    Can HKEX Reforms Revamp Hong Kong’s Economy?

    Out with the Old
  • Pascal vander Straeten    16 minute read

    How Long Can China Keep up the Smoke and Mirrors?

    Smoke and Mirrors

Nepal E-Commerce: One to Watch

Reach for the Heavens
Jennifer Xue 4 min

This Is Why Investors Are Nervous About Bitcoin’s Growth

IMF Lends Legitimacy to Currency
Robert Bociaga

Why North Korea Might Be the New Costa Blanca

A Fun Filled Family Holiday
Oliver Yorke 5 min

Chinese Growth Set to Slow Down as Economy Continues to Transition

China Beginning to Run Out of Steam?
Francesco Tassello

As Trump Blames NAFTA, China Swoops in

China Ready to Trump Both the US and Mexico?
George Mallett

Chinese Capital: China Prepares for Global Currency Domination

The Beginning of the End
Oliver Yorke 4 min

The EU-China Summit: Steely Resolve, No Resolution on Chinese Trade

Deterioration in International Relations
Givi Gigitashvili

Yum China: Good Luck Rather than Better Performance?

Tax Reforms
Eric Wong 3 min

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