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Population Analysis: China vs India

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It goes without saying that India and China are immense countries with vast populations. Yet while they are broadly as populous as one another, there is a gulf between their respective living standards: Chinese GDP per capita is well around $8,500, while India’s is lagging at around $2,000. Although India’s economy is picking up, particularly under the incumbent Narendra Modi, China’s economic boom has outstripped the former’s many times over. The reasons for this are complex and various; however, back in 1950 India and China were in roughly the same position, with respectively 4.2% and 4.5% of global GDP. Although China’s history has indeed been bloodier – with up to 100 million people killed by Chairman Mao – India’s politics has been dominated by sterile politics that for many decades moved nowhere. Meanwhile, since the opening up of China under Deng Xiaoping, more than 700 million Chinese have been lifted out of poverty.

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