August 17, 2016

Can FinTech Bring Back The Trust?

   August 17, 2016

Can FinTech Bring Back The Trust?


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Editor’s remarks:

Overall, the Edelman Trust Barometer of 28 countries show people seem to be trusting their industries a bit more than they did in 2012. Looking a bit more closely, financial services is barely above 50% level of trust while Technology suffered a 2% drop but still tops the list by an amazing 10%. A logical conclusion is that all the industries, especially financial services, could benefit from taking on the appearance of being more technologically inclined. Another key takeaway of the Edelman data was the difference noted between those who are informed and the general public, in other words, between those who meet certain educational and income criteria and those who do not. There was a 12% difference between the two. A gap that perhaps helps explain some votes, say Brexit for example.

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