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The Bull Market’s Biggest Winners and Losers

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Editor’s Remarks:
As Wall Street’s bull market charges into its ninth year, the S&P 500 has seen a rise of almost 250% since the low in March 2009. But this average masks the wildly different successes that its individual stocks have seen. Counting up the bull market’s return and thus accounting for the importance of dividends, this rise comes to 314% overall – but with a range of performances from its individual companies, the five biggest winners and losers of which are shown in today’s chart. A $100 investment in US real estate investment trust General Growth Properties would have seemed a frivolous waste in the aftermath of the financial crisis, but such an investment today would be worth nearly $9700. The biggest winners mainly made the cut because their shares were in freefall back at the birth of the current bull market: total return over the last 15 years for GGP is a more modest 238%, for example. The list of losers more accurately reflects the performance of their respective industries: all bar First Solar are oil companies, and energy has been the lowest-performing sector in the bull market with just 98% total return compared to the 522% enjoyed by the consumer discretionary sector.

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