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Breakfast Briefing: E3 Releases & EOS Finally Launches

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E3 Unveils the Latest Video Games

Among the most anticipated releases was Electronic Arts’ (EA) WW2-inspired Battlefield V.

Editor’s Remarks: 2018 has been a big year for gaming, particularly since the makers of Fortnite announced they would allocate $100m in prize money over the 2018/19 e-sports season. Fortnite’s popularity has not been lost on EA; the company revealed at this year’s E3 conference that the upcoming Battlefield V will feature a Fortnite-inspired battle royale mode. Bioware also released a trial for its new headline multiplayer shooter, Anthem, which is due out next year. EA also announced that FIFA 19 will feature a free demo ahead of hitting the shelves on September 28.

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EOS Network Votes for Launch

The latest big name in blockchain finally voted to launch its blockchain on Saturday.

Editor’s Remarks: Unlike other blockchain projects, EOS’ developers, Block.One, released the code to the public so that token-holders could launch the mainnet themselves. A group of organisations intending to be eventual block producers banded together to form the EOS Mainnet Launch Group, which finally voted to launch the EOS mainnet on Saturday. Over 100 organisations joined a conference call that decided unanimously to launch the mainnet with immediate effect. The next step is for the network to pass a testing phase before participants vote on who gets to be a block producer.

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Uber Looks to Buy Motivate

Uber is considering an acquisition of Motivate, the company behind the Ford GoBike.

Editor’s Remarks: Motivate is a bike-sharing company that has built the bikes for the New York CitiBike programme and San Francisco’s Ford GoBike. The news follows a report that Uber’s rival Lyft has also made a bid for Motivate, which is presently valued at roughly $250m. Uber recently bought JUMP, another bike-sharing startup whose vehicles are not dependent on docks. The bike and scooter sharing sectors are currently heating up in California as a number of insurgents such as Lime and Spin seek to build their own market share despite a mixed response from regulators.

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Trump Shakes Up World Order

President Donald Trump slammed Canada’s Justin Trudeau and suggested a tariff-free G7.

Editor’s Remarks: At the G7 summit, Trump cited “false statements” by Trudeau as his reason for not backing a joint pledge to fight protectionism. The US president has been engaged in a war of words with the Canadian prime minister sparked by Trump’s realisation that Canada imposes a 270% tariff on American dairy imports. Trump also added that there should be no tariffs or barriers between G7 nations, which surprised many but also underscored that his decision to ramp up tariffs are ultimately a response to what he sees as trade imbalances that run contrary to American interests.

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Energy Leaders Gather at the Vatican

Pope Francis told oil company figures that they need to move away from fossil fuels.

Editor’s Remarks: The unlikely congregation included former BP CEO Lord John Browne as well as the CEOs of ExxonMobil and Equinor, and BlackRock head Larry Fink. The Pope spoke of the concerning reality that despite promises made during the Paris climate agreement carbon emissions have continued to rise. Under Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has played a stronger role in pushing back against climate change and the role played by fossil fuel energy companies. The Pope ended his talk by poignantly proclaiming “Civilisation requires energy, but energy must not destroy civilisation!”

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