October 27, 2016

Apple’s Share Price Takes A Dive

   October 27, 2016

Apple’s Share Price Takes A Dive


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Editor’s Remarks:

Apple share price has risen to around $113.81 over the past few months, as its competitor, Samsung, lost substantial market share following the fiasco regarding its batteries catching fire. Apple stock has increased by more than 20% in the last few months, as Galaxy Note 7’s are being exchanged by mobile providers for Apple’s latest iPhone 7. However, it was never truly unknown how successful the iPhone 7 would be. Surprisingly, the release of Apple’s sales figures caused a drop in the share price yesterday, as their annual profits declined for the first time in 15 years. It appears that Apple has failed to capitalise on Samsung’s failure’s, and with few known innovations in the pipeline, Apple’s dominance as a smart technology provider is being called into question. The next question is whether Google’s Pixel and its massive marketing efforts have been the winner after the Samsung crisis.

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