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Apple’s $999 iPhone Launched

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Three new iPhone models were showcased at the Apple Park launch event, but all the attention is on the “super premium” Apple X.#

Editor’s Remarks: The 10th Anniversary of the first iPhone was the theme of the day as CEO Tim Cooke introduced the iPhone X (which he called “Ten”, as in the Roman numeral), describing it as the “biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.” In a first major redesign of the device since 2014, the phone boasts an edge-to-edge OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) screen, facial recognition, wireless charging, longer battery life and no home button. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were also launched, with a similar design to the iPhone 7 but with improved CPU speeds, cameras, and displays. But to the disappointment of investors, Apple also announced that the new device would not ship until November, probably due to scarce OLED supplies. The real test may be how quickly Apple’s production capability can meet the demand for the handset that will cost $1,149 for its 256GB model.

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