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Apple iPhone Hits $1000

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The $1000 plus price tag on Apple’s new iPhone X caught all the headlines at this week’s Cupertino product launch as investors focused on consumers’ price sensitivity for such an expensive handset, and whether it would power the upgrade super-cycle that they are hoping for. But looking at the price evolution of Apple’s phones over the past ten years, maybe the $1000 price tag is not so steep after all. The original iPhone debuted at $599, which would be more than $700 today if you factor in ten years of inflation, and the significant iPhone price jump came with the introduction of the iPhone 6 in 2015. Apple has long maintained a premium pricing strategy, to reflect its superior design, build-quality and innovation, and its closest rival, Samsung’s new Note 8 handset, is retailing for $930 with only 64GB of memory.

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