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Annual Mobile Revenues for Samsung and Apple

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Editor’s Remarks:
With details having emerged on Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S8 phone, the stage is set for a major product-driven battle to make up for the burnt wreckage caused by the debacle over its exploding Galaxy S7 phone. Samsung recalled some 2.5 million phones as news broke of its compromised batteries, with the ensuing investigation estimated to have cost the company some £4.3bn. Readers tuning into UK television may notice the company’s new ads fawning over the Samsung labs’ quality control procedures in a perhaps less-than-subtle attempt to build up its image in the run up to the official launch of the S8 phone later this month. It will have to see quite the turnaround if it is to combat the longer-term slide against Apple: as of 2016 data, Samsung’s mobile revenues are less than half those of its transpacific rival. But Apple has been facing its own cooling-off of customer loyalty with weakening consumer perception of its models’ tech advantages, so the launch of its iPhone 8 later this year will make an interesting point in the tightening smartphone technology scene.

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