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If Americans Are Expecting a Blue Wave, Democrats Must Step Up

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By November 2018, the battle for a majority in the US government will conclude. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are eligible for election, alongside 35 out of 100 in the Senate and 39 out of 50 state governors. The race will be more ground-breaking than ever before under the dissonance of a callous and calamitous Trump administration. Polls are predicting a 68.8% majority for the Democrats. If the Democratic Party does not provide an alternative to coincide with their intense critiques of the current president, a blue wave becomes a lot less likely.

Strong Leader Needed

Who should lead the Democrats into 2018 and the 2020 general election has been the lurking question since their decisive defeat in 2016. An anti-establishment candidate, with imprudent plans to transform the country, won against a polarising politician, who communicated with old-fashioned jargon in an attempt to appeal to a disenfranchised middle America. Although the outcome leading to the current situation has been scandalous, the future of establishment politics is in rightful jeopardy. The media continues to highlight factions in the Republican party. The likes of John McCain and the Bush family have condemned Trump conservatism. However, the diluted Democratic party has also seen deep fractures under a Trump presidency. The socialist message under Bernie Sanders catapulted hard-left politics into the mainstream, but his image does not resonate with the majority of the party. Sanders is an independent Senator who the party risks putting at the forefront in fear of alienating their moderate base. He is a powerhouse, but so is former vice president Joe Biden, who is lauded for his centrist approach to governance.

Keep Up the Momentum

The pressure is on for the Democrats to find a unified voice under the looming midterms. Their intense passion for overriding Trump must not falter. Recent special elections in Alabama and Pennsylvania have shown that Democrats have the ability to succeed in Republican demographics. The 2018 results will show if these elections were merely an exception in a populist era. Since Trump’s inception into the White House last year, his approval ratings have increased whilst his dialogue coarsened. He now enjoys an 87% approval rating within his own party. Voters listen to someone who promises change during arduous and frustrating times. The pledge to bring back jobs in the age of automation, whilst saving the tumultuous economy, excites the individualist voter. Hillary Clinton’s message to America was intangible when the campaign trail was a deeply personal battle between two incredibly unpopular

The Trump administration’s policies are alarming not just for America, but for the rest of the world. His “zero-tolerance” immigration tactics at the US border has seen young children being separated from their parents.
Trump has defended such actions through incredulous social media rants, blind to the fact that they are inherently un-American, and a violation of civility. He continues to attack his allies and threatens worldwide trade consequences.
The only way to prevent further developments down that road lies with the Democrats. Their chaotic scramble for unity during a crucial voting stage is palpable. They must use a growing opposition, with the support of anti-Trump Republicans, to be the voice of a debilitating nation. This year’s elections will send a significant message to the world about the future of not just America, but also her allies.

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