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Amazon Share Price

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Editor’s Remarks: 
The estimated 60 million subscribers to Amazon Prime worldwide seems to be spelling gold for the Seattle-based giant. The company does not release figures related to the number of its subscribers, but analysts put a third of them outside the US. Amazon Prime is a $99 dollars annual subscription that offers clients fast delivery and access to other services such as Amazon Music, Amazon Video and others. The recipe seems to be successful, as an Amazon Prime subscriber spends on average 4.5 times more on Amazon than a non-subscriber, and some 40% of US subscribers spend more than $1000 dollars a year on Amazon versus only 8% of non-subscribers. The company has been reaching all-time highs in terms of share price for the last months and analysts believe it will continue to do so. Just yesterday Morgan Stanley raised the price target for the company from $800 to $950. The company doubled its sales over the last five years, between 2011 and 2015, from $48bn to $107bn, and has achieved a 25.62% average growth rate in the five years ending March 2016, way above industry average. Considering the strong growth in the company’s business which is expected to continue over the next years, the Amazon share price is forecasted to be worth thousands of dollars in the near future.

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