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Acurracy of Answers By Smart Assistants

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Editor’s Remarks:
Apple’s development conference kicks off today and the company is expected to unveil its latest smart speaker system, which is powered by its Siri voice assistant. However, despite Apple’s initial pioneering of voice assistant software, Siri has been a bit of a disappointment over the years. Recent offerings such as Google Home and Amazon Echo have not only provided stiff competition but, as the chart shows, are able to far more accurately answer questions. The results were based on how each Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa could answer a series of 5000 questions. Evidently, Apple has a lot of catching up to do. On the flip side, however, the highest performer – Google Assistant – still missed over 30% of questions. Clearly, artificial intelligence has a way to go yet.

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