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Active iPhones in the US

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Today’s launch of the new iPhone 8 and a premium iPhone X model, if rumours are to be believed, marks the 10th anniversary of the introduction of Apple’s flagship product. iPhones make up around two-thirds of Apple’s revenues, and with the company’s shares riding near all-time highs, investors will be focused on a much anticipated “upgrade super-cycle” and sales of the new models into the end of the year. There are an estimated 800m active iPhones worldwide, almost 80% higher than when the iPhone 6 was introduced in 2014, and 143m of these devices are in the US. Of these active US phones, over 60% are 6 or 6S models that are now more than two years old and Apple, along with its telecom company service suppliers, will be targeting these users to drive upgrade sales.

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