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We create inspiring content by empowering people to write about global affairs, finance, business and politics.

We're revolutionising traditional journalism using award-winning editorial expertise, technology and our global network.

The Power of Perspectives

The story doesn’t begin in the newsroom.
It begins in the cities and markets of the world. In the minds of the people who live it and breathe it every day. We believe these are the people worth listening to, the real commentators of our generation. So we set about creating the media company of the future.

One where quality content doesn’t have a price tag. One where every writer will have the support of a full editorial team. One where provocative perspectives are presented beautifully.
We are The Market Mogul and we’ve built this platform for you.

We cover all perspectives and all sides of the story

The Market Mogul gives you thought-provoking perspectives and a 360-degree view on global affairs, finance, business and politics.

Disrupting traditional media, The Market Mogul has become the go-to place for reading different perspectives on the events that define our times from the thought leaders of today.

Through our Mogul Newsroom, we encourage and empower opinionated experts from all over the world to write about important issues, enabling our readers to make informed decisions.

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Our manifesto

Reader first

Everything we do is aimed at providing the best possible experience for our readers. Our content covers all perspectives, is free to read and provides a seamless experience through the user-friendly layout and lack of banner ads.

A New Newsroom

Our Mogul Newsroom is built for the future. We enable opinionated experts all over the world to share their insights and experiences. Our readers enjoy perspectives and angles they would never see in traditional media and make better decisions as a result. Our award-winning editorial expertise, technology and focus on efficiency enable us to thrive when the rest of the media industry is struggling.

Long-Term View

We want to create a generational shift in the media, so we're focused on the long term. We will not make a quick buck by compromising our readers’ experience on The Market Mogul. Instead, we've begun building long-term and meaningful relationships with companies in order to monetise sustainably.

Make the World a Better Place

Knowledge is power. We want to give you that knowledge and we will always respect the choices you make. Because we encourage all perspectives and support informed decisions. Just imagine if people took the time to learn more about the world around them, about other people’s experiences and how those have shaped them. How that would bring us together!

What our readers think...

"My top sources of financial news? The Market Mogul, FT and Bloomberg. The Market Mogul is providing insights that you can’t find anywhere else."

Huy Nguyen Trieu, CEO, The Disruptive Group

"Short, succinct articles, written by new talent from all over the world. Excellent!"

Paul Griffiths, CIO, Fixed Income & Multiasset Solutions, First State Investments

"The Market Mogul today is The Economist of tomorrow"

Peter Harrison, Fmr Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

“Finally – a refreshing and engaging finance platform with on topic content”

Devin Kohli,
Digital Media and Tech Head, Investec

"The Market Mogul provides a fantastic snapshot of key events with truly insightful articles presented in a really convenient format"

Kerim Derhalli, CEO, Invstr

"A must-read for anyone working in Finance!"

Jonathan Rose, Head of European Equity Derivatives, Cantor Fitzgerald

"If there is one thing you should read every morning it is The Market Mogul!”

Kanishk Swarup, Associate Partner, St James’s Place

"Refreshing financial journalism"

Tom McColm, Research Director, Zeus Capital

“Insightful opinions on a range of topics presented in an extremely user-friendly manner. The future of financial news is here”

Dheer Mehta, Portfolio Manager, Stone Miliner

"The Market Mogul is innovative, informative and stimulating; a breath of fresh air in financial commentary."

John Holmes, Chairman, Hardman & Co

"Great source for a diligent and easily digestible update on a key markets and beyond"

Vadim Toader, CEO, Proportunity

“Can’t start my day without it - puts me ahead of the game”

Grant Bergman, Co-Head, finnVentures

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The Market Mogul didn’t start with the grandiose vision of disrupting the media industry or even to be where it is today, but instead it started in my University...


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