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We create inspiring content by empowering people to write about global affairs, finance, business and politics.

We're revolutionising traditional journalism using award-winning editorial expertise, technology and our global network.

The Power of Perspectives

The story doesn’t begin in the newsroom.

It begins in the cities and markets of the world. In the minds of the people who live it and breathe it every day. We believe these are the people worth listening to, the real commentators of our generation. So we set about creating the media company of the future. One where quality content is the norm. One where every writer will have the support of a full editorial team. One where provocative perspectives are presented beautifully.

Our manifesto

Reader First

In an era of post-truths, fake news, and echo chambers, we are creating an environment where our readers are allowed to develop their own perspectives on the important events of our time by being presented with all sides of the story.

A New Newsroom

Our Mogul Newsroom is built for the future. We enable opinionated experts all over the world to share their insights and experiences. Our readers enjoy perspectives and angles they would never see in traditional media and make better decisions as a result. Our award-winning editorial expertise, technology and focus on efficiency enable us to thrive when the rest of the media industry is struggling.

Make the World a Better Place

Knowledge is power. We want to give you that knowledge and we will always respect the choices you make. Because we encourage all perspectives and support informed decisions. Just imagine if people took the time to learn more about the world around them, about other people’s experiences and how those have shaped them. How that would bring us together!

Our Team

Rav Singh Sandhu

Founder & CEO


Previously Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bain & Co, Rav is passionate about fixing the media industry. Outside of work, he is very competitive at everything from cycling to squash and an avid painter.

Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau

Chief Content Officer

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An award-winning communicator, Andreea started her journey into journalism at 16. In her spare time, she works as a book editor, she is an active supporter of children’s and LGBT rights, and prides herself on her deep knowledge of human nature.

Lina Balteanu

Head of Operations

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Lina built a 10-year career in investment banking at top-tier institutions after which decided to use her analytical skills and passion for numbers in a startup environment. She has won gold medals at ballroom dancing championships and loves reading.

Cem Dewilde

Business Development Associate


Previously of Renaissance Strategic Advisors, Visiongain and Citibank, Cem has experience in market entry and competitive positioning analysis, M&A strategy development and technology commercialisation strategies.

Chris Marshall

Business Development Analyst

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.10.57

With internships in management consulting and commercial banking, Chris joined the team after graduating from UCL’s School of Public Policy.

Jonny Weinberg

Video Producer


Jonny joined the team after graduating from UCL, where he freelanced in video production while studying. Having worked on both editorial and promotional content, he loves creating great video.

Fergus McKeown

Editorial Associate


Previously working in translated fiction and academic monographs, Fergus has had a career working passionately to ensure that ideas, opinions, and insights and the individual voices of authors come across most clearly.

Satya Doraisamy

Editorial Associate


While finishing off his legal studies ahead of joining a City law firm in 2019, Satya covers the leading tech, business and markets news for The Market Mogul.

We're always on the lookout for new team members! If you think you've got what it takes to help disrupt the media industry with us, send us an application!

What our readers think...

"My top sources of financial news? The Market Mogul, FT and Bloomberg. The Market Mogul is providing insights that you can’t find anywhere else."

Huy Nguyen Trieu, CEO, The Disruptive Group

"Short, succinct articles, written by new talent from all over the world. Excellent!"

Paul Griffiths, CIO, Fixed Income & Multiasset Solutions, First State Investments

"The Market Mogul today is The Economist of tomorrow"

Peter Harrison, Fmr Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

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