Trump’s Border Wall: How Much Will It Cost?

Trump’s Border Wall: How Much Will It Cost?

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Editor’s Remarks:
During his presidential campaign, Trump flew the flag for his proposed US-Mexico border wall with a $12.0bn price tag. Now that the plan nears implementation, though, the American taxpayer has been offered a few quotes from a few slightly more ‘independent’ sources. If the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) figure were to be the true total, the 1250 miles of barriers Trump hopes to add to the already-fortified 650 miles of border would cost each American household around $170bn. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell were a little more conservative in their estimates. The overall cost of Trump’s strategy to tackle illegal immigration is tricky to unpick: a Center for Immigration Studies argued that the fiscal burden of undocumented migration means deterring around 12% of those expected to cross the border would equate to some $15bn in savings, whilst the Centre for American Progress argues that deporting 7m of the 12m undocumented migrants in the US would cost the economy $4.7trn (and both studies’ methodologies have been called into question).

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