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Big Pharma Reckons The Answer To The Opioid Epidemic Is More Drugs

5 min Stephen Bitsoli

The Paris Agreement Vs. The Donald

5 min Stephanie Gallo Mendoza
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The New Silk Road: Can China End US Hegemony?

Abbey Ikudaisi    4 min

US Healthcare: Could A Free Market System Work?

Jai Khemani    13 min

The Trump Tax Plan: A Lot Of Hope Riding On A Few Big Promises

American Thirst
Henry Teitelbaum 6 min

Introducing Decentralised Autonomous Organisations: Blockchain For Democracy

True Democracy Is Possible
Ecem Ipekli 5 min

Russia Alleges The EBRD Has Breached Its Own Rules

4 min Givi Gigitashvili

CEE Growth: Can It Keep Going?

4 min Robert Bociaga
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The Manchester Attack And Why Intelligence Co-Operation Is Vital

Satya Doraisamy    3 min

Even With Macron’s Victory, Is Pax Europaea A Thing Of The Past?

Gregory Thomas    8 min
  • Givi Gigitashvili    3 minute read

    Emmanuel Macron: Just A Status Quo Leader ?

    Reforms Needed
  • Robert Bociaga    6 minute read

    The EU Banking Union: Credibility And Stability

    Fragile State
  • European Policy Information Center    8 minute read

    European Energy Security: Why A Freer Internal Market Is Needed

    The Market-Based Approach
  • Adithi Shenava    7 minute read

    The Turkish Referendum: Worsening Relations With The EU

    Unlikely Outcome
  • Samuel Chesworth    7 minute read

    Is The Green Investment Bank Safer In The Hands Of Macquarie?

    For Better or Worse
  • Iakov Frizis    4 minute read

    The French Economy: Has Macron Won A Pyrrhic Victory?

    A Tall Order
  • Robert Bociaga    4 minute read

    Why CEE Countries Are Expected To See Accelerated Growth

    A Bright Future
  • Vishal Wilde    3 minute read

    Will Green Voters Consider Voting Liberal Democrat?

    A Helping Hand

Is China The Last Bastion Of Globalisation?

5 min Robert Bociaga

Will Filipino Mining Realise Its Potential?

4 min Robert Veldhuizen
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Could A Post-Brexit Britain Tie The Trade Knot With India?

Shakeel Aamer    5 min

The Next UK Government Must Prioritise Mass Atrocity Prevention

Satya Doraisamy    3 min
  • CANZUK International    9 minute read

    How Could The Anglosphere Nations Work Together?

    Finding A Common Ground
  • Kayra Sila Ozalp    4 minute read

    The Raqqa Offensive: ISIL, The Kurds And Power Struggles In Syria

    Turkey and America Face Off
  • Cherilyn Mawby    6 minute read

    The Global Gag Rule: Will US Abortion Policies Increase Crime Rates?

    The Mexico City Policy
  • Kayra Sila Ozalp    5 minute read

    China: Strangled By Debt Or Riding Out Growing Pains?

    Uneasy Growth
  • Benjamin Jacob    3 minute read

    The US’ Place In The World In The Trump Era

    The New Order
  • Calvin Ebun-Amu    15 minute read

    A Map From The Past For Africa’s Education Systems

    A Continent Of Learners
  • Ravi Kant    6 minute read

    Demonetisation: The War On Cash

    Hidden Motives
  • Amey Pramodkumar Kansara    5 minute read

    What Does A Trump Win Mean For India?

    Trump And The Trade

The Airline Industry And Brexit: The Challenges Ahead

5 min John Theodore

Blockchain And The Law: An Insurmountable Challenge?

5 min Liam Lambert
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Turkish Gold: The Boost The Nation Needs

Robert Bociaga    5 min

Is The DRC Heading For Another Civil War?

Tristan Mann    6 min
  • Vanisha Sampat    5 minute read

    ISIL: Why Is Europe The Target Of Terror Attacks?

    Growing Threat
  • Robert Bociaga    5 minute read

    Ukrainian Agriculture: The Dangers Of Opening The Land Market

    Rising Tensions
  • American Enterprise Institute    4 minute read

    Should We Intentionally Slow The Pace Of Technological Change To Help Workers?

    Playing Catch-up
  • Robert Bociaga    3 minute read

    Should We Be Worried About Russian Investment In Ukraine?

    Cause for Concern?
  • Chris Shaw    5 minute read

    Is Jeremy Corbyn A Victim Of Ideology?

    Unfair Reputation
  • Jai Khemani    5 minute read

    The German Trade Surplus: A Blessing Or A Curse?

    Piling Capital
  • Saweria Mwangi    3 minute read

    The Future Of British Trade: Opportunities In A Post-Brexit World

    All Alone?
  • Arjun Krishna    6 minute read

    Emmanuel Macron: The Champion Of Anglo-French Continuity?

    Building Bridges

Brexit Negotiations: Is A “Deep And Special Relationship” Likely?

High Stakes
John Theodore 5 min

Why Taking Back Control Is Impossible If States Continue Facilitating Globalisation

The Real Issue
Chris Shaw 8 min
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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Looking at the difference between the number of votes received by the two candidates in France’s presidential race, Emmanuel Macron clearly came out well on top of Marine Le Pen - but this is only part of the story. Of the 48 million registered voters in France, only 44% picked Macron to Le Pen’s 22%. Turnout is never 100%, of course, but this election saw one of the lowest rates since the 90s, with 12.1 million not voting. A more deafening silence came from the 4.1 million who posted a blank or spoiled ballot. Who are these 16 million disaffected? Abou

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: For the first time in the Fifth Republic’s 59-year history, France must choose between candidates from outside the mainstream Socialist and Republican parties (though Marine Le Pen has built on years of steady growth in the far-right National Front’s support, and Emmanuel Macron came out of Francois Hollande’s Socialist government and a classic career path through France’s political class). Several major polls put centrist Macron comfortably ahead of his rival, ranging from a 21% lead to a 30% lead depending on the poll. Europe’s financial marke

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to call an early general election came as a surprise to many, sending markets and pundits scrambling, but her party has little to be shocked about if current polling is anything to go by. An average of the most recent polls from YouGov, ICM, Opinium and Ipsos MORI puts the Conservatives 15% clear of their Labour opposition, with most-cited YouGov putting this lead at 21%. The reasons are many. In particular, May is happy to capitalise on the Labour Party’s weakness - but with the opposition posed by its unpopular

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Of all the administrations in American history, Donald Trump’s is thought to top the list when it comes to wealth. The ten richest people in Team Trump command assets worth almost $2.1bn between them - and that’s according to just the lower bounds of the range of estimates given for each official by financial disclosure filings, meaning the real number could be a lot more. President Trump’s wealth dwarfs even their combined assets, though, with an estimated net worth of $3.5bn, as well as that of the second-richest US President after him, John F Kenne

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Public opinion of Donald Trump has hit a new low, with just 37% of Americans surveyed approving of the job he’s doing as President. Past presidents have seen worse, though never this soon into their term: Bill Clinton, for example, had sunk to 37% by June, whereas Trump’s rating is the worst of any president in recorded history at this point into their first term. Though President Trump was creeping back to a neutral opinion in the public, the last couple of weeks has seen a major double blow. On the one hand, his bill to replace Obamacare has become mi

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: The race for the French Presidency has narrowed according to the latest polls which put Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen in a strengthened position going into the first round of voting. If right-wing Le Pen makes it through to the run-off, as part of France's two-staged presidential electoral system, she would likely be decisively defeated by either centre-left independent Emmanuel Macron conservative François Fillon, according to polls which have them 16% and 12% clear respectively in that scenario. However, her increase from a 27% deficit against

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: A new survey of the UK’s Members of Parliament shows just how divided they were going into last night's crucial vote to formally initiate Brexit. Britain’s Supreme Court decided that Theresa May would need approval from MPs before notifying the EU of the start of withdrawal negotiations, which she has now been granted by 498 votes to 114. This particular chart shows that most MPs who voted for Brexit in the referendum value the repatriation of borders over retaining single market access, whilst Remain-voting MPs are rather divided on the issue. The numb

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Share this chart Editor's remarks: The Market Mogul’s readers seem to have little faith that Xi Jinping's attendance at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week signals a change in course toward a more liberal and a more open China. In roughly similar proportions, readers expect that China will continue along its present course, challenge the United States for regional and international power, or become a champion of the current system of globalisation and trade which has enriched the country dramatically the last few years. With Donald Trump's inauguration as the 45th President of the

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: At 173,799, 2016 has seen the largest number of migrants arrive from Northern Africa by boat that Italy has ever seen. The Eastern migration route from Turkey and Greece has fallen since improvements in Turkish policing but the EU have yet to work with the Italian law enforcers to curtail migration. With 80% of southern Italians voting against the constitutional changes, the referendum highlighted the Renzi government have neglected the problems that this region faces in light of the unprecedented migration. As the breakdown of law and order in Libya only w

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: After Trump was voted president by the American public on November 8th, the Google search for Will I Get Deported skyrocketed. This is because throughout Trump's campaign he pledged to deport all undocumented migrants. Since the election, Trump has furthered the cause for concern by appointing many staunch right-wingers to his future cabinet. Trump has vowed to deport three million migrants, a pledge which has seen him described as a racist by his critics. But the number of people Trump is promising to deport has decreased, as the perception that he will b

  • Neil Winward    5 minute read

    How Vietnam Is Moving Into The Future, One Scooter At A Time

    A Bright Future
  • Amal Ahmed    4 minute read

    Closing Loopholes: Why Compliance Is A Key Issue For MiFID II

    Mounting Concerns
  • The Market Mogul Team    2 minute read

    Macron Wins, But…

  • Matteo Spiller    4 minute read

    Are Private Companies Ushering In An Age Of Guided Democracy?

    Mind Control or Red Herring?
  • Ryan Shea    7 minute read

    Why The Result Of French Elections Is Not A Sure Thing

    French Elections
  • Massimiliano Zanetti B.    5 minute read

    The European Monetary Union: Doomed To Fail Without The EDIS?

    Striving for a Banking Union
  • Stephen Bitsoli    5 minute read

    Where Do France’s Presidential Candidates Stand On Illegal Drugs?

    Légalise It?
  • Ludovic Herrero    3 minute read

    French Elections : Emmanuel Macron And The Stock Markets

    A Fresh Face

What The EU Wants From Brexit Negotiations

Filling The Legal Vacuums
Barbara Halla 5 min

A Head-to-Head With Emmanuel Macron Is Marine Le Pen’s Ideal Scenario

The Race is Still On
Charlotte Kude

Is Italy’s Euro Exit The Next Threat To The European Union?

A Constitutional Problem
Pietro Mondini

Sea Change: How Markets & Property Rights Can Advance The Common Fisheries Policy

Privatise And Sell
European Policy Information Center

Britain’s Re-referendum: The Lib-Dem’s Hopes Reignited

Are Pollsters Wrong Again?
Ryan Shea 7 min

Le Pen’s Plan For France’s Euro Exit

France's Falling Production
European Policy Information Center

Nicola Sturgeon’s Opportunistic Gamble: Calculated Or Costly?

Fishing for Trouble
Vishal Wilde 7 min

The Second Scottish Referendum On Independence Is Closer Than You Think

Voting For Two Things At Once
Jackie Muringapasi

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