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    Ecstatic about my full-time profession: day-trading. Fascinated by all the new technological developments related to newtech/fintech, alt currencies, changes ...
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    Currently I am taking the time to explore all areas of finance in order to make an informed decision as ...
  • 3
    As an aspiring solicitor, I am fascinated by the interaction of law and business and how legal frameworks can be ...
  • 4
    Closely following how partisanship and tunnel vision divide us and prevent developing new technologies and finding solutions to problems, or ...
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    Focuses on the fields that may be the Source of Growth
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    Global macro analysis, scenarios, monetary and fiscal policy, business/industrial policy, governance and regulation, financial crisis, systemic risk
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    Emerging Markets commentator interested in looking for hidden  and alternative value in the global economy.
  • 8
    Interested in the incentives required to ensure productive economic behavior, a level playing field and efficient capital allocation
  • 9
    I have a broad range of interests but I am particularly fascinated by politics and public policy with respect to ...
  • 10
    Passionate about social justice and presenting a different view on many of the most prevalent issues in society
  • 11
    Passionate about the European economy, the financial crisis and repairing the EU
  • 12
    Passionate about financial risk management, predictive & prescriptive analytics, geopolitics, and tail risks
  • 13
    Politics, sports, and diplomacy.
  • 14
    Ryan Shea has been employed in the financial sector for more than two decades. During this time he has held ...
  • 15
    My interests lie in the fields of Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions (particularly concerning activity in the natural resources, technology ...
  • 16
    A strong interest in macroeconomic events from emerging markets to the global economy.
  • 17
    My principle interest is maximising one’s wealth in the global commodity and equity markets in today’s constantly changing ...
  • 18
    Passionate about applications of blockchain technology and use of cryptocurrencies within the financial industry
  • 19
    I'm keen on Finance, Capital Markets, politics and innovation. Fascinated by how the Highly Improbable governs our lives.
  • 20
    Trying to make sense of an ever-changing economic landscape. Writing about emerging markets, fiscal policy, tech and opportunity.
  • 21
    I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers ...
  • 22
    I am passionate about money, banking, and investing. I like to read and write articles on economics, finance and business.
  • 23
    Passionate about monetary policy and its implications on the global economy and single countries.
  • 24
    Passionate about macroeconomics and financial market analysis. Currently a research assistant at the Institute of Global Econ and Finance at ...
  • 25
    Strong interest in macroeconomic policy and portfolio management.
  • 26
    International politics and markets, social justice, Middle Eastern affairs
  • 27
    I have a broad range of interests in economics and politics but I am the most passionate about research in ...
  • 28
    Passionate about FinTech and Digital Disruption which will profoundly impact the global economy as well as our personal lives.
  • 29
    I am passionate about the immense potential of emerging and frontier markets, and the role of innovation in modern global ...
  • 30
    Passionate about international tax avoidance, commodities, Asian markets, exotic financial products and its impact on the globe.
  • 31
    As a debt professional I am interested in all aspects of the debt markets from CP to ABS and project ...
  • 32
    Keen interest in international macroeconomics and economic convergence with regional concentration on the EU and the MENA region.
  • 33
    Interested in politics, emerging markets, and clean energy
  • 34
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy but also energy security and country risk analysis
  • 35
    I'm passionate about  banks, international markets, monetary policy and Europe.
  • 36
    Working in Credit Risk. I find it interesting to see how regulation and new legislation affects how business is done ...
  • 37
    Intrigued by various aspects of global economic and corporate affairs.
  • 38
    Great passion for asset/investment management, wealth management, financial markets, corporate finance and the global economy.
  • 39
    I am passionate about all things Technology/FinTech, Investment Banking, Politics and the Political Economy.
  • 40
    I am particularly passionate about political economy and a believer in laissez-faire capitalism. The less government the better!
  • 41
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 42
    My own personal passion in Tech and FinTech make each day of work exciting. I may have been a "geek" ...
  • 43
    I have a passion for tech, startups and venture capital. Currently a PR manager at global venture capital firm Impulse ...
  • 44
    Follows domestic and international politics and the expected volatility of the markets post-referendum.
  • 45
    Passionate about behavioural finance and entrepreneurship.
  • 46
    I am passionat about Digitalization, Fintech, Insurtech, and Start-Ups
  • 47
    Passionate about globalization, fintech, blockchain, e-commerce, and leadership. An observer of American, Asian, and European politics and economy.
  • 48
    I am passionate about the economics of financial markets.
  • 49
    I am passionate about British politics, development economics and many other aspects of the global economy.
  • 50
    Interested in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Politics.
  • 51
    Passionate about the global economy and its policymakers, commodities, world equity markets, and interesting corporate cases.
  • 52
    I love learning about, and writing on the New Silk Road.  
  • 53
    Passionate about understanding the impact of macroeconomic, geopolitical and disruptive developments on market interactions
  • 54
    I have an interest in subjects related to economics & stock market. I like to read news & articles related ...
  • 55
    I am passionate about the effects universal banking can have on the global economy. I also have a true interest ...
  • 56
    As it relates to the economy/politics my interest are in corporate development and small business challenges.
  • 57
    Fascinated by the energy sector, and interested in the macroeconomic issues affecting Emerging Markets, topics on which His studies are ...
  • 58
    Banking & Finance Director, Center for Evidence-Based Management
  • 59
    I'm into political economy and economic policy reformation, especially in developing countries
  • 60
    Passionate about political economy, Russia's economic transformation and post-Soviet economies.
  • 61
    Financial journalist passionate about finding new angles on consumer finances and analysing different global economic angles
  • 62
    Passionate about the financial aspects of global markets and economics behind corporate strategies.
  • 63
    Modern finance began in Italy at the turn of the first millennium. Business was conducted on benches, or bancu, and ...
  • 64
    Passionate about inclusive growth and the power of partnerships across sectors in driving adaptive change.
  • 65
    Global politics, corporate finance and microeconomics. Particular interest in UK politics, the EU and gender diversity.
  • 66
    Passionate about free-market economics and classical liberalism. Strong interest in emerging markets and technological innovation.
  • 67
    Interested in economics -  the impact of politics and technological disruption on economic advancement.
  • 68
    Interested in covering finance/tech trends and market-moving insights
  • 69
    Structuring trading strategies around global-macro events that drive capital flows. Leveraging portfolio through understanding of geopolitical events.
  • 70
    Passionate about growth and development in emerging markets
  • 71
    I have a keen interest in equity markets and the role that financial markets play in the Global Economy.
  • 72
    Sustainable and (quant) behavioural investing, strategic capital allocation in private equity and geopolitical risk.
  • 73
    I'm very interested in capital markets, financial innovation, as well as central bank policy. The latter two are constantly evolving ...
  • 74
    Interested in a variety of aspects within finance with Asset Management of particular intrigue.
  • 75
    Extremely passionate about financial markets, M&A activity, and emerging economies.
  • 76
    Brazilian born research analyst writing about Emerging Markets. Tech innovation, startups, consumer behaviour in emerging economies
  • 77
    Passionate individual about private equity & sustainable financing and their respective impacts to global developments across emerging and frontier markets. ...
  • 78
    local business, micro business economics, emerging economies and technologies
  • 79
    I am interested in fixed income markets and financial risk management. I also like commenting on the topics linking finance ...
  • 80
    I'm especially passionate about the financial services industry and its future market and regulatory developments, as this is my industry ...
  • 81
    True to to the claim: 'consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production', I am most interested in ...
  • 82
    Passionate about trade, political economics, public policy and regulation.
  • 83
    Passionate about Public Finance, Behavioural Finance, Financial Institutions and International Finance.
  • 84
    I'm interested in business ethics, workplace equality, startups and entrepreneurship.
  • 85
    I'm interested in political economy due to my belief that radical change in a free market direction is necessary as ...
  • 86
    I have a passion for personal finance, currencies and macro economics because this is what affects our everyday lives. Let's ...
  • 87
    Interest in international relations and macroeconomics.
  • 88
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 89
    We seek to inform the EU policy debate and promote the principles of a free society by bringing together the ...
  • 90
    I am passionate about Investments and Risk Management practices, what excites me about these fields of Finance are the ideas.  ...
  • 91
    Impact of sustainable energy to the market and users as a substitute for carbon fossil fuels. I believe it is ...
  • 92
    I'm passionate about edtech and fintech for Africa - these are the two topics of my websites. I believe in ...
  • 93
    I play in the intersection between technology and human behavior.
  • 94
    Passionate about International Finance and its impact on every aspect of our daily lives.
  • 95
    Well, I must admit, I'm a bit of an Economics nerd! My degree is specifically in Business Economics so I ...
  • 96
    I am most passionate about the nature of development, and how the relationship between power and wealth produces ideas about ...
  • 97
    A freelance political risk analyst with 12 years of experience in the oil industry and a Masters in international politics, I ...
  • 98
    Focused on trust in financial businesses and fascinated by the power of purpose to transform business effectiveness and performance.
  • 99
    Interested in exploring financial markets & the economy in more depth.
  • 100
    Passionate about capital markets and political economy. Income inequality goes first on my agenda. I specialize on fixed income brokerage ...

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