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    Passionate about the emerging markets of Africa and many other aspects of the global economy.
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    I have a broad range of interests but I am particularly fascinated by politics and public policy with respect to ...
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    Interested in politics, emerging markets, and clean energy
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    Interested in the fact that financial markets influence and are influenced by various aspects of society, ranging from macro policy, ...
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    MSc Investment Management student with a strong interest in macroeconomic policy and portfolio management.
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    Working in Credit Risk, I find it interesting to see how regulation and new legislation affects how business is done ...
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    Trying to make sense of an ever-changing economic landscape. Writing about emerging markets, fiscal policy, tech and opportunity.
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    Ryan Shea has been employed in the financial sector for more than two decades. During this time he has held ...
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    I'm passionate about the symbiotic relationship between politics and economics, especially the dwindling influence of state power over private capital
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    As an aspiring solicitor, I am fascinated by the interaction of law and business and how legal frameworks can be ...
  • 11
    Passionate about the European economy, the financial crisis and repairing the EU
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    Passionate about international tax avoidance, commodities, Asian markets, exotic financial products and its impact on the globe.
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    I am interested in emerging, and developed, Asian markets, and their impact upon the West.
  • 14
    Particularly curious about the links between politics and economy. Generally, always looking to understand the causes and foresee the effects.
  • 15
    Passionate about FinTech and Digital Disruption which will profoundly impact the global economy as well as our personal lives.
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    I am particularly fascinated by the emerging Fintech sector and aspects of European politics and economics.
  • 17
    I am interested in the long-term effects of political stances and how they help shape the economy. Studying MSc. Finance.
  • 18
    Passionate about political economy, macroeconomics and development economics.
  • 19
    Passionate about the environment and systems thinking.
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    Passionate about the global economy with specific interests in India and Zambia. Also fascinated by the interconnected nature of political ...
  • 21
    Passionate about inclusive growth and the power of partnerships across sectors in driving adaptive change.
  • 22
    Passionate about the practical application of economics and finance to the global economy
  • 23
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 24
    Passionate about social justice and presenting a different view on many of the most prevalent issues in society
  • 25
    Passionate about investments in fintech, AI, healthtech, robotics, gene engineering, VR, and TMT as 21-st century game changing sectors and ...
  • 26
    Passionate about the technology sector, equity and currency markets, the ASEAN region, music start-ups, and options trading
  • 27
    Extremely passionate about financial markets, M&A activity, and emerging economies.
  • 28
    Interested in the incentives required to ensure productive economic behavior, a level playing field and efficient capital allocation
  • 29
    Interested in Sales & Trading, M&A. Private Equity, Venture Capital, Startups
  • 30
    Passionate about macroeconomics and financial investments since I read the investing Bible, "The Intelligent Investor".
  • 31
    I am passionate about everything that touches the global Financial Industry.
  • 32
    Focused on trust in financial businesses and fascinated by the power of purpose to transform business effectiveness and performance.
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    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 34
    With a background and a masters degree in Law, interested in eCommerce and finance.
  • 35
    Fascinated by the complexity of the financial world and its importance in our lives.
  • 36
    I am passionate about the new trends in labor economics--startups and enterprise ecosystem- these may solve unemployment problems in the ...
  • 37
    A predilection for M&A activity, stock trends and financial affairs surrounding the domestic economy.
  • 38
    Interested in the interactions between business and our increasingly global world. Strongly passionate about business ethics and pursuing equality.
  • 39
    Passionate about monetary policy and its implications on global economy and single countries.
  • 40
    Passionate about macroeconomics and policymaking.
  • 41
    Passionate about financial markets and the critical role they play in oiling the global economy and lifting humanity out of ...
  • 42
    Passionate about monetary policies and global markets.
  • 43
    I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers ...
  • 44
    Passionate about finance with ethics and high professional standards. I am fascinated by Investment Banking, with a particular interest for ...
  • 45
    I'm keen on Finance, Capital Markets, politics and innovation. Fascinated by how the Highly Improbable governs our lives.
  • 46
    My articles are like a central bank in an economic boom, they raise interest! I can't promise the jokes get ...
  • 47
    Passionate about Monetary Policy, International Finance, Banks, Entrepreneurship and Cryptocurrencies.
  • 48
    Interested in Disruptive Tech & Mid-Market Growth Opportunities in APAC & beyond.  Especially those in the Healthcare, Energy, and Water &...
  • 49
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy. Looking to share my enthusiasm for the financial markets with ...
  • 50
    Passionate about all the things technology-related and green economy. Member of Green Light for Business
  • 51
    Keen interest in international macroeconomics and economic convergence with regional concentration on the EU and the MENA region.
  • 52
    I'm interested in the big issues shaping society today and tomorrow. Talk to me about capitalism, the future of work ...
  • 53
    I am very passionate about financial markets and particularly about investment management. IM industry is the epicentre of global events; ...
  • 54
    My passion is to analyze the dynamics driving global asset prices. From microeconomics to geopolitics everything matters.
  • 55
    Interested in Financial Markets specifically fixed income and commodities.
  • 56
    I am passionate about the crossovers and spillovers between the economic and political arenas, the intersection is a grey area ...
  • 57
    I am passionate about alternative investments, specifically event-driven opportunities in the public or private markets. I am stimulated by the ...
  • 58
    Interested in the rationale behind the decisions some corporates and financial institutions make throughout their life cycle.
  • 59
    Interested in the interaction between financial markets and politics, globalization, tax culture, start-ups and fintech
  • 60
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 61
    Fascinated by politics, regulation and financial data interpretation
  • 62
    Interested in Automation, Analytics, Commodities, Geopolitics and Economies.
  • 63
    Closely following how partisanship and tunnel vision divide us and prevent developing new technologies and finding solutions to problems, or ...
  • 64
    The role it plays in international relations and its importance in the business sector. Currently passionate about Supply Chain Management ...
  • 65
    My articles deal mainly with trading strategies, exotic financial instruments and macroeconomic events driving the market (FICC).
  • 66
    What factors lead to growth and the impact of reforms on the growth of developing economies fascinates me.
  • 67
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 68
    Strong interest in macroeconomic policy, fin-tech, and emerging markets
  • 69
    Interested in key Macroeconomic mechanics influencing economies and decisions globally.
  • 70
    Interested in the Venture Capital industry, buy and sell side. Understanding politics fluctuations is fundamental to forecast viable growth.
  • 71
    Passionate about global economy and finance and their connections with politics.
  • 72
    I'm keen to unleash an AI on the financial markets, explore the benefits of DLT for the financial system, let ...
  • 73
    I am passionate about macroeconomic policy-making and market mechanisms because they are stunningly elegant and affect each one of us ...
  • 74
    Passionate about international economics and how economic analysis can be applied to society, specifically in finance.
  • 75
    Passionate about growth and development in emerging markets
  • 76
    Passionate about Microeconomics of individual firms, Macroeconomic policies of global economies and social issues, particular interested in the China's economy.
  • 77
    Investment banking, the effect of QE on the global economy, and the stock market are the most intricate and exciting ...
  • 78
    Passionate about the interaction of the volatile financial market, global economy, macroeconomics policies and how they affect our everyday lives.
  • 79
    I am passionate about investigating the changes to the provision of legal services; particularly their digitisation and commoditisation.
  • 80
    Finance is the Lifeblood of our Economy
  • 81
    Passionate about Global Economy, Finance and new Commodities. Always interested in learning new things and open to every kind of ...
  • 82
    Assisting students secure Financial Market careers - passing the baton on!
  • 83
    Passionate about understanding how political and environmental changes worldwide interconnect with the commodity market in Latin-american economies.
  • 84
    I am interested in the links between economies and political events. I am very interested in Real Estate and Property ...
  • 85
    Intrigued by Global Corporate Affairs.
  • 86
    Through the lenses of economic theory new light can be shed on societal problems. My articles try to use the ...
  • 87
    Passionate about technology, startups, big data and consumer trends. Writing about how innovation is creating new challenges and how firms ...
  • 88
    Interested in macroeconomic and financial issues affecting emerging market economies.
  • 89
    Passionate about Finance and Investments. Especially, very interested in stock markets and unique investment opportunities.
  • 90
    Focused on the intersection of financial regulation and technology
  • 91
    A freelance political risk analyst with 12 years of experience in the oil industry and a Masters in international politics, I ...
  • 92
    I'm interested in public policy, financial markets and the evolving monetary landscape. I also follow geopolitics and technological innovation.
  • 93
    Our vision is of a peaceful, open and free society based on a stable, sustainable economy in which everyone has ...
  • 94
    Finance gives unique insights of an incredibly dynamic world.
  • 95
    I am passionate about global economy, macroeconomic policies in OECD countries, international trade and structured finance
  • 96
    Passionate about the interconnectedness of finance and the global economy.
  • 97
    With an underlying interest in the currency markets, it's the intertwining of all economic forces that allow such harmonisation in ...
  • 98
    Passionate about the energy industry and its impact on the global environment.
  • 99
    My growing interest for innovation economics arises from the study of its comprehensive influence on new products and services development ...
  • 100
    The intersection of technology and policy - the Internet of Things has a lot of promise, but needs government support ...

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