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4 min Robert Veldhuizen

Is The American Oil Industry Set For Another Boom?

10 min The Cobden Centre
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Copper Futures And The Importance Of The Chinese Market

Rutger Bloemenkamp    5 min

The Pearl Of Africa: Dissecting Uganda’s Natural Resources

Arjun Krishna    8 min

Saudi Aramco’s Lesson In Market Valuation

The Honest Truth
Alexander Assim 5 min

Lithium: A Bubble Waiting To Burst?

Or The Next Gold Rush?
Jesse Saunderson 6 min

The Ugly Truth About Money

10 min Eleftherios Jerry Floros

The Trump FX: Macro Drivers And Forex Strategy Under The Donald

7 min Jack Rizvi
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The Copernicus Law: How Central Banks Are Putting The World At Risk

Robert Bociaga    6 min

What Should Be The Correct Money Supply Growth Rate?

The Cobden Centre    13 min
  • Zak Goldberg    3 minute read

    What Do Tumultuous Economic Times Mean For Currency Trading?

    Market Volatility
  • Francesco Tassello    5 minute read

    The Future Of The Yen: Will The Safest Currency Keep Its Safe Haven Status In The Current Climate?

    How Safe Is the Safe Haven?
  • Vishal Wilde    5 minute read

    The Fed’s Rate Hike And Trump’s Actions Against Dodd-Frank

    To Repeal or not to Repeal?
  • Matthew Summers    5 minute read

    How Blockchain Will Change International Finance

    One Step at a Time
  • The Market Mogul Team    2 minute read

    Pound Flutters As Brexit Kicks Off

  • David Fong    8 minute read

    The Correlation Between Currency And Equity Markets

    The Brexit and Trump Era
  • Raghav Sehgal    3 minute read

    The Great Currency Wall Of China

    What Money Can Buy
  • Francesco Santostasi    5 minute read

    Is Carry Trade On Its Way Back Up?

    Money Games

Government Bonds: Do They Hold Any Value?

6 min Colin Lloyd

Bond Market Outlook: What Does The Future Hold?

6 min Clifford Mayaka
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Solvency II And The CMU: Unlocking Contractual Savings’ Investment

European Policy Information Center    8 min

Should Diversification Be Primary Consideration In Asset Allocations?

The Cobden Centre    12 min

Global Equity Markets Tumble

3 min Raghav Sehgal

The Market Bubble And The Central Banks: Are The Stars Aligned?

10 min Ryan Shea
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Business Banking: Are Big Lenders Doomed?

John Rosling    5 min

What Does The Future Hold For Snap Shares?

Rutger Bloemenkamp    5 min
  • Gianrovic Perez Gulino    3 minute read

    The Fate Of Apple Shares In The Short Term

    Smooth Sailing?
  • George Kachmazov    8 minute read

    The Dubai Property Market: An Overview Of Rental Opportunities

    Real Estate
  • Joao Fernandes Silva    8 minute read

    The Economics Of Bonds

    Reverse Trajectory
  • Peace Ani    10 minute read

    An Analysis Of Brexit And The Options

    Looking for Options
  • Ivan Draganov    6 minute read

    Investment Decisions: Mitigating Overconfidence And Attention Bias

    Human Error
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    Russian Venture Capital: Running Dry?

    A Shrinking Market
  • Philipp Borisov    5 minute read

    UK Environmental Policy And Brexit: What Now For Emissions Trading?

    Impending Negotiations
  • Gleb Pilipenko    4 minute read

    ETFs: The Blind Leading The Dumb?

    The Flipside

Bond Market Outlook: What’s Next In 2017?

What to Expect in H2
Pete McCarthy 3 min

Closing Loopholes: Why Compliance Is A Key Issue For MiFID II

Mounting Concerns
Amal Ahmed 4 min
Markets Spotlight
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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: As Wall Street’s bull market charges into its ninth year, the S&P 500 has seen a rise of almost 250% since the low in March 2009. But this average masks the wildly different successes that its individual stocks have seen. Counting up the bull market’s return and thus accounting for the importance of dividends, this rise comes to 314% overall - but with a range of performances from its individual companies, the five biggest winners and losers of which are shown in today’s chart. A $100 investment in US real estate investment trust General Growth Pr

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Wall Street stocks have raced to yet another record as comments from the top of the Federal Reserve sent traders into a frenzy over growing expectations that US interest rates could go up as soon as this month, with the Dow Jones hitting 21,000. Whilst Fed chair Janet Yellen’s last major speech hinted at interest rates staying low until later in the year, strong US economic performance has prompted her colleagues to see the upcoming March meeting as a turning point in Trump era monetary policy. After influential New York Fed President William Dudley’s c

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: The Dow Jones Industrial hit the 20,000-point threshold on Wednesday. What led the US stock market index to its highest ever level? The 20k benchmark itself is just a number, of course, but is symbolic of strong share performance in recent months, particularly compared to its mixed experiences over the Jan. '15 - Dec. '16 period shown in today's chart. The ‘Trump rally’, resulting from investor confidence that the new administration will deliver pro-growth fiscal policies, has led the Dow on a path of far steeper growth than it would likely have enjoyed

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Central banks are a crucial part of modern economies; around 99.9% of the global population lives under one. Their governors wield enormous influence over interest rates, money supply, and so on - so why might they be paid such vastly different amounts? As government officials, the reasons for their salaries are not often open to scrutiny. It’s difficult to see why the nature of the role would come into play: Lithuania and Belgium, for example, are both in the Eurozone, and so both their Central Banks must play by the Eurosystem rules which determine comm

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: The UK’s Office for National Statistics publishes the latest Balance of Payments figures this week, updating them to November 2016. The balance on the current account - which tells us whether a country has a trade deficit or a trade surplus - has been the subject of some focus in the context of Brexit given the pointed relevance of the UK’s trade mettle to debates over its future trading relationship with the EU. The UK has not run a trade surplus for over thirty years, though whether this matters depends on a host of economic arguments. Economists and

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen announced yesterday evening that the US interest rates would be raised from 0.5% to 0.75%. Bond prices have since fallen due to the inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rates. Although it was seen as almost a foregone conclusion, Yellen cited the recent growth in the US economy especially as it is beyond full employment and wage growth is continuing to rise. The Fed is almost at its desired 2% inflation and US economy's momentum should carry it there. The Bank of England's announcement is to follow today and will

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Government yields in Europe have climbed since the election of Donald Trump last Wednesday. Whilst the rise is not as fast as that of US bond yields, analysts are gradually raising their forecasts for the critical government bond yields in Europe - notably France, Germany and Italy. As President-elect Trump is beginning to reveal the plans and policies that will define his administration, there are expectations of a major fiscal stimulus, which would increase the supply of bonds and boost inflation. This effect on the global markets is profound due to the s

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: It started with the majority of final pre-election polls giving Clinton up to 95% chances of winning the presidency. The joy, however, was short-lived when Trump started racking up key states such as North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa and Florida. Clinton won critical states Virginia and Colorado but lost Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which she was counting on. While the dust will take a while to settle on an election riddled with scandals and - as it turns out - surprises, one key takeaway is that assassin voters are becoming more and more important and that polling met

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Share this chart Editor's remarks: The South African Rand got a major boost yesterday as prosecutors dropped charges against the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. Although the position has been somewhat of a rotating door recently, investors are content with consistency, reduced internal conflict and the support this lends towards the African National Congress, South Africa's ruling party. However, this seems to be a false dawn for the high-flying currency as protests continue from students around the country and domestic reforms still go missing while the Gordhan still has another investigation

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Many of the world's current billionaires have made their fortunes from nothing. This is evidently the case in the US and the UK, where most wealthy individuals have made their money without familial assistance, highlighting the often forgotten successes of globalisation. Russia appears to have the most social mobility at first glance, but this can be attributed to the fact that many of these individuals made their wealth during the collapse of communism, and via significant gains in the oil industry. Only 1.3% have acquired their riches from inheritanc

  • Mattia Giammarusto    6 minute read

    Why Bond Investors Are Wrong About The Fed’s Rate Hikes

    Adjusting Strategies
  • Ludovic Herrero    3 minute read

    French Elections : Emmanuel Macron And The Stock Markets

    A Fresh Face
  • Pete McCarthy    3 minute read

    A Euro Momentum Switch: What’s In Store For The ECB?

    A Turning Point
  • Janna Kiseeva    9 minute read

    Why Formalisation Has Failed In Developing Countries

    Lost Potential
  • Arjun Saini    13 minute read

    How To Change The World: Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

    A Vision for the Future
  • Jason Ayton    4 minute read

    This Feels Like A Financial Boom But Is It Really?

    The Trump And Brexit Effect
  • Benedetta Arese Lucini    5 minute read

    Why Alitalia Should Be Allowed To Go Bankrupt

    Accepting Creative Destruction
  • Vishal Wilde    10 minute read

    Coffee Meets Bagel: Dating Apps And The Gale-Shapley Algorithm

    Game Theory

Black Swans: A Brief History Of Economic Uncertainty

Francesco Zingoni

Is The Death Of Hedge Funds Near?

Up or Down?
Brandon Zhao 4 min

Betting On Beta

The Right Move
Pete McCarthy 3 min

Ethical Investing: Profiting From The Common Good

A Better Way?
Swapnil Karkare

Market Anomalies And Behavioural Finance

Investment Theory - Part VII
Björn Stadel 9 min

Will Mutual Funds Disappear?

A Glimpse of the Future
Luca Rescigno 4 min

The US Attack On Syria: What It Means For The Rest Of The World

Changing Gears
Alex Hughes 7 min

A Retail Reversal

The Long and the Short of It
Pete McCarthy 4 min

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