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It’s an exciting time at The Market Mogul - we’re raising £1,000,000 and want to give you the opportunity to own a part of our company!

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We are a Millennial media company publishing unique and diverse perspectives on global affairs, business, finance and politics.

We’re raising our next round of investment in order to continue to grow and disrupt the media industry. We want to give you the opportunity to own shares in The Market Mogul alongside our other private investors from First State Investments, Goldman Sachs and other renowned institutions.

Our philosophy at The Market Mogul is to put our readers first in everything we do. This is why we want you to own part of our company, in the most accessible and inclusive way possible. You have the opportunity to own part of The Market Mogul, by investing anywhere from £10 to £100,000!

What makes The Market Mogul disruptive:

Traditional Media Is Failing Us

Traditionally, the media industry and the content we read have some or all of the following:

  • Editorial bias & one-sided coverage
  • Click-baity, sensationalist headlines
  • Banner ads

Traditional media companies are struggling due to:

  • High fixed costs  
  • Headcount-heavy newsrooms
  • Dated monetisation and expensive subscription models
  • Lack of innovation

The Market Mogul Solution

Content on The Market Mogul is:

  • Covering multiple perspectives as we are free from bias
  • Free from click-bait and banner ads

Our technology-focussed business model is built with the future in mind. This results in:

  • Low fixed & variable costs (e.g headcount, Cloud infrastructure)
  • Insightful articles published in under 25 minutes at 0.4% of market cost
  • Effective and scalable monetisation, without compromising our ‘reader-first’ values

The Market Mogul in numbers


Growth of monthly articles reads in H1 2017


Growth of Breakfast Briefing subscribers in H1 2017


Growth of authorbase in H1 2017


Cost base per article published relative to traditional newsrooms


Articles published to date


Authors in our Mogul Newsroom


Maximum time taken per article to publish


Our Net Promoter Score is 2.5x the industry average

The Market Mogul vs Competitors

Source: Alexa web rank, Date accessed 1st Feb. 17

Verticals to be launched

We will be applying our core technology, infrastructure, and editorial expertise to other verticals outside of global affairs, business, finance and politics in a methodical and scalable way. Other verticals include:









What some of our readers-turned-investors think...

"My top sources of financial news? The Market Mogul, FT and Bloomberg. TMM is providing insights that you can’t find anywhere else."

Huy Nguyen Trieu, CEO, The Disruptive Group, TMM Shareholder

“Finally – a refreshing and engaging finance platform with on topic content”

Devin Kohli, Digital Media and Tech Head, Investec, TMM Shareholder

"Short, succinct articles, written by new talent from all over the world. Excellent!"

Paul Griffiths, CIO, Fixed Income & Multiasset Solutions, First State Investments, TMM Shareholder

"The Market Mogul today is The Economist of tomorrow"

Peter Harrison, Fmr Executive Director, Goldman Sachs, TMM Shareholder

"A must-read for anyone working in Finance!"

Jonathan Rose, Head of European Equity Derivatives, Cantor Fitzgerald, TMM Shareholder

"If there is one thing you should read every morning it is The Market Mogul!”

Kanishk Swarup, Associate Partner, St James’s Place, TMM Shareholder

"Refreshing financial journalism"

Tom McColm, Research Director, Zeus Capital, TMM Shareholder

“Insightful opinions on a range of topics presented in an extremely user-friendly manner. The future of financial news is here”

Dheer Mehta, Portfolio Manager, Stone Miliner, TMM Shareholder

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