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Invalid Hungary Poll Rejects Migrant Quotas

Invalid Hungary Poll Rejects Migrant Quotas

Hungary’s Sunday Referendum on accepting the EU’s migrant quotas went against the quotas but had too low a turnout to be valid.

Editor’s Remarks: Over 98% of the votes cast were against the EU stipulation regarding a minimum number of migrants that Hungary would need to accept. Fortunately for the EU, too few Hungarians turned out for the poll to be recognised – around 10% less than the minimum 50% turnout required. Hungary is just one of the many Eastern European nations standing against the EU migrant policy quota of migrants. It is one of the few nations as well to be ruled by the right wing movement sweeping across the Western world. The overwhelming majority who voted against the quota should be the major takeaway, but the opposition and the rest of the EU are focusing on the low turnout. Is it a case of paying too much attention to the details rather than the overall key message?

What to watch: Hungary Migrant Referendum, Viktor Orban, EU Migrant Policy, GBP/EUR, USD/EUR

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