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Ethiopian Airlines: From The Horn Of Africa To The Top Of The Airlines Industry

4 min Calvin Ebun-Amu

How Africa’s FinTech Industry Is Impacting Its Growth And Development

4 min Olakale Lipede
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Could The Billionaire Class Be The Driving Force For A New Africa?

Abbey Ikudaisi    4 min

The African Economy: A Continent In Transition

Clifford Mayaka    5 min

Why Everyone Wants To Get Their Hands On Cobalt

The Colour of Money
Leon Reilich 6 min

How Nigeria Can Recreate Its Future

Reviving the Nation
Daniel Femi-Alemede 5 min

King Coal Needs To Innovate

6 min Richard Fusco

Taxes, Healthcare And The Mother Of All Bombs

6 min Neil Winward
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People Like Taxes: America’s Affair With Tax Reform

Neil Winward    4 min

The US-China Trade Relationship: Cause For Serious Concern?

Akshaye Wadhwa    5 min
  • Raghav Sehgal    3 minute read

    The Eurozone Vs. The US: A Battle Of Behemoths

    What the Data Tells Us
  • Elizabeth Rouleau    7 minute read

    The US Vs China: When Winners Win More Than Losers Lose

    No Way to Tip the Scales?
  • Jonathan Fielding    12 minute read

    Ed Conard, Fmr Managing Director At Bain Capital: Why Wage Inequality Is Not All Bad

    Meet A Mogul
  • Neil Winward    7 minute read

    US Tax Reform: If You Like Your Taxes, You Can Keep Them

    Up or Down?
  • Julio Rodriguez    5 minute read

    Changes In Latin America: The Continent’s Outlook This Year

  • Augustin Beaux    5 minute read

    What To Expect From The US Economy

    A Rollercoaster Ride
  • Gregory Thomas    6 minute read

    What The Fed’s Rate Hike Means For Middle-market Companies

    Lever Up or Regret It
  • The Market Mogul Team    2 minute read

    Healthcare Projections: Obamacare Vs The Republican Plan

The Goods And Services Tax: What India Is Set To Gain From The New Fiscal Structure

8 min Neeraj Sheoran

The Indian Economy Is Becoming A Major Global Force

5 min Keval Chavda
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Has Malaysia’s Ringgit Sell-off Reached Its Limit?

David Fong    5 min

The Devaluation Of China’s Currency

Yuqing Ma    6 min
  • Janna Kiseeva    10 minute read

    Two Decades Of Deflation: Impact On The Japanese Financial System

    A Mighty Island
  • Liam Lambert    6 minute read

    China And Cybersecurity: The 2017 Snapshot

    What Companies Need to Know
  • Tom Gray    5 minute read

    The Rise Of Singapore: Why It Will Remain An Economic Force

    Small, but Nimble
  • Mihir Parekh    4 minute read

    India’s Economic Outlook After Demonetisation Isn’t All Doom And Gloom

    Five Months In
  • Ayushi Kumar    5 minute read

    20 Weeks Since Demonetisation, What Has India Learned?

    A Report Card
  • Joao Fernandes Silva    9 minute read

    The Economics Of India

    Roaring Tiger
  • Satya Doraisamy    9 minute read

    Is All Well In Modi’s India?

    Post-Demonetisation Era
  • Colin Lloyd    12 minute read

    Low-cost Manufacturing In Asia: The Mighty Five

    MITI V

CEOs, Growth And The Future

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Liam Lambert 7 min

China: Strangled By Debt Or Riding Out Growing Pains?

Uneasy Growth
Kayra Sila Ozalp 5 min

Why The EU Should Stop Attacking Tech Giants

6 min European Policy Information Center

The Future Of EU Trade Liberalisation

7 min Cherilyn Mawby
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The Trouble With Britain’s Railways: Is The Far East Where The Solution Lies?

Tom Gray    5 min

Can The UK Economy Survive Without EU Citizens?

John Theodore    4 min
  • Pietro Mondini    5 minute read

    Italian Manufacturing: Where To From Here?

    The New Order
  • Edward Page    7 minute read

    Brexit: An Isolated Kingdom Enters Negotiations

    The UK Outlook
  • Iakov Frizis    3 minute read

    The Rising Costs Of The Eurozone’s Persistent Institutional Deficit

    Safe Havens or False Hope?
  • Matthew Summers    5 minute read

    Emerging Markets Are Key To Brexit Success

    The Ripple Effect
  • Vladyslav Medvensky    3 minute read

    Iceland’s Recovery: A Nordic Fairy Tale?

    The Northern Perspective
  • Daniel Appleby    8 minute read

    Europe In March: Economic Data Improves As Political Risk Intensifies

    A Busy Month
  • Sam Courtney-Guy    14 minute read

    The Economics Of Brexit

    Britannia Sets Sail
  • Ajla Vasiljevic    3 minute read

    What Italy Stands To Gain (and Lose) From Brexit

    Winners and Losers

Black Swans: A Brief History Of Economic Uncertainty

11 min Francesco Zingoni

Erdogan’s Victory, Geopolitics And Oil Markets

4 min Jose Chalhoub
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What Self-Driving Cars Reveal About The Future

Francesco Patroncini    8 min

Can The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence End Humanity?

Pimkanok Piamjariyakul    5 min
  • Nota Giannakou    6 minute read

    Blockchain, Trust And Risk Minimisation In Supply Chain Management

    Power in the Links
  • The Cobden Centre    14 minute read

    Why Free Trade Is Officially Dead

    No Way Forward?
  • Ryan Shea    7 minute read

    Developing Markets – Too Good To Be True?

    The Pot of Gold
  • Kayra Sila Ozalp    5 minute read

    The AI Singularity: Dealing With A Paradigm Shift

    Man versus Machine
  • Rutger Bloemenkamp    5 minute read

    The Economics Of Easter

    Easter Eggconomics
  • Canberk Hallik    8 minute read

    How To Stop Automation And AI From Worsening The Ageing Population Problem

    Time for a Robot Tax?
  • Amrit Panda    7 minute read

    Why Corporations Are Essential To Society

    Complementary Capitalism
  • Stephen Bitsoli    8 minute read

    Drug Addiction Is A Problem Of Supply And Demand, And The Solution Is Treatment Plans

    Sowing Afghanistan' Poppy Fields
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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Public opinion of Donald Trump has hit a new low, with just 37% of Americans surveyed approving of the job he’s doing as President. Past presidents have seen worse, though never this soon into their term: Bill Clinton, for example, had sunk to 37% by June, whereas Trump’s rating is the worst of any president in recorded history at this point into their first term. Though President Trump was creeping back to a neutral opinion in the public, the last couple of weeks has seen a major double blow. On the one hand, his bill to replace Obamacare has become mi

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: US healthcare is set for another dramatic overhaul just a few years since Obama’s flagship Affordable Care Act was brought in, as the Republicans (GOP) push through legislation overhauling it. Now, the Congressional Budget Office have released a wide-ranging analysis of the proposal and its projected impact. No sooner did the report come out did both ends of the American political spectrum start putting their own spin on the data, making it difficult to weigh up exactly what the numbers say. For example, it has been widely warned by opponents of the plan

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: The Market Mogul readers overwhelmingly believe that UK Prime Minister Theresa May should guarantee the rights of 3.2 million EU citizens currently residing in the UK. However, a significant percentage believe this will not happen. Firstly, a number of EU nations are not willing to guarantee the same for UK citizens residing in the EU until they are assured of the same for citizens in the UK. This leads to a very dangerous game of chicken. Secondly, it appears this decision could be a bargaining chip used to determine the exact pay-out the UK will make to the EU ov

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Cyber attacks of various kinds have been splattered across front pages for several months now, with the latest leaks of US cyberattacks on North Korea’s nuclear programmes flipping the dynamic after allegations of Russian hacks during the US elections dominated recent news. DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks in particular, though, haven’t matched public perception in terms of numbers growth: the total of 751,895 attacks worldwide in the last three months of 2016 marks only a 4% increase on the same period a year prior. But the country of origi

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Venezuela has just $10.6bn left in foreign exchange reserves, according to the latest data from its central bank. Though this amount of hard currency is by no means abysmal compared to many countries - it now ranks about 70th out of the 188 countries with reliable data, just below Serbia - it could very soon becoming crippling for the South American republic given that it owes about $7.2bn in outstanding debt payments for the rest of this year. Furthermore, many economies get by with small but stable levels of foreign reserves, but Venezuela’s plunging le

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Wall Street stocks have raced to yet another record as comments from the top of the Federal Reserve sent traders into a frenzy over growing expectations that US interest rates could go up as soon as this month, with the Dow Jones hitting 21,000. Whilst Fed chair Janet Yellen’s last major speech hinted at interest rates staying low until later in the year, strong US economic performance has prompted her colleagues to see the upcoming March meeting as a turning point in Trump era monetary policy. After influential New York Fed President William Dudley’s c

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: With a Tweet, President Trump recently declared, "the United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability". He separately expressed his desire to see the US at the "top of the pack" in nuclear weapons. Trump is right on the numbers - the US is currently second to Russia, which possesses approximately 7000 nuclear warheads, down from some 40,000 in 1985. The US's own arsenal numbers 6800 warheads, down from a peak of approximately 27,500 in 1975. But Trump's comments take no account of the quality and sophistication of those warheads, an

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: During his presidential campaign, Trump flew the flag for his proposed US-Mexico border wall with a $12.0bn price tag. Now that the plan nears implementation, though, the American taxpayer has been offered a few quotes from a few slightly more ‘independent’ sources. If the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) figure were to be the true total, the 1250 miles of barriers Trump hopes to add to the already-fortified 650 miles of border would cost each American household around $170bn. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell were

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Though President Trump’s vocal criticism of the security alliance has been rebuffed by the US military establishment in terms of strategy - new Defense Secretary Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis’, for example, has reaffirmed it as a “fundamental bedrock” to the transatlantic community - it seems to have rubbed off on his allies in financial terms. Countries such as Germany have been criticised for underspending despite running long budget surpluses, but NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has reaffirmed a commitment to pushing members towards a spending

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: New figures show that the Greek economy unexpectedly contracted in the fourth quarter of last year. Coming in at 0.8% lower than Bloomberg forecasts, the hard turn from +0.9% the previous quarter to -0.4% in the last three months of 2016 puts hot coals under Alexis Tsipras’ government as it tries to reach a deal with international lenders on fiscal reforms. The Greek Central Bank’s governor recently warned that the country risks another recession and deeper austerity if it fails to strike a deal with European creditors which would allow it to access fur

  • Andrea Napolitano    3 minute read

    Is Brexit Helping The Mafia?

    Unforeseen Consequences
  • Seyon Indran    11 minute read

    The 2008 Financial Crisis: Causes, Consequences And Lessons Learned

    Where to from Here?
  • Satya Doraisamy    3 minute read

    Why Progressive Interest Rates On UK Student Loans Don’t Work

  • Victor Ferrat    10 minute read

    Post-Financial Crisis: Has Banking Regulation Gone Too Far?

    Too Much or Too Little?
  • Jack Rizvi    5 minute read

    Prop Trading To Return Under Trump?

    The Volcker Rule
  • Pascal Dick    6 minute read

    FinTech In Europe: How Technology Could Save The Monetary Union

    The Power of Innovation
  • Paul McCormick    6 minute read

    Last Week’s Market Summary

    What You Need to Know
  • Arianna Gigliuto    3 minute read

    Is Technology Increasing Inequality?

    A Growing Concern

E-Mobility Disruption: No Turning Back Now

Changing Gear
Marco Casiraghi

Global Real Estate – Where Are The Risks Residing?

Mapping Out the Issues
Ryan Shea 7 min

AI And Digital Labour: The Experts Weigh In

Informed Intelligence
Paolo Savarino

The Need For Transparency: Global Overview

Will the World Learn?
Swapnil Karkare

The Longevity Sector: Finding The Fountain Of Youth

Who Wants to Live Forever?
Satya Doraisamy

The Economics Of Scottish Independence

I Want to Break Free?
Frederic Li 8 min

E-Commerce And Augmented Reality: Is It Worth It?

Bane or Boon?
Farrah Barber 3 min

IoT And Cyber Security: The Next Big Frontier?

The Unseen Threats
Jesse Saunderson

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