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    Ready to Put a Ring on It?
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    What Would An Intesa-Generali Takeover Mean For Italy?

    Rumours Abound
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    What Lies Beneath Luxottica And Essilor’s €50bn Merger

    Seeing Double

Why CNN Won’t Affect The Time Warner Deal

Network Interference
Claire Chen 6 min

Safran Buys Zodiac Aerospace: A New Leader Takes Off?

Cleared for Takeover
Guillaume Lavignotte 3 min

Neuralink: Elon Musk’s Plan To Augment The Human Brain

4 min Satya Doraisamy

African Tech Start-Ups And The Fourth Industrial Revolution

5 min James Lambert
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What’s In Store For The African Startup Scene?

Abbey Ikudaisi    5 min

Are Silicon Valley’s Tech Startups Overvalued?

Laith Bader    6 min

Tom Blomfield, Monzo: The Path To One Billion Customers Will Take 20 Years

The Challenges of a Challenger
Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau 25 min

Uber In Africa: What The Unicorn Has To Learn Quickly

One Bumpy Ride?
Calvin Ebun-Amu 5 min

Snap Will Survive Despite Its Rough First Quarter

4 min Brandon Zhao

Tesla Research And Development Spending

2 min The Market Mogul Team
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Blockchain And The Law: An Insurmountable Challenge?

Liam Lambert    5 min

Venture Capital Is Mostly A Losing Game

Nick Smith    4 min
  • Neil Winward    5 minute read

    Tesla Solar Shingles – Raise The Roof

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    Beyond Bitcoin: Ethereum And The Blockchain Economy

    The Future
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    IPhone 8: Apple’s Last Stand In China?

    Lucky Number 8?
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    Tesla Stock: Investing In The Future

    Energy Revolution
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    Emotional Intelligence Can Give People An Edge Over Machines

    EI vs. AI
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    Business Banking: Are Big Lenders Doomed?

    New Entrants
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    Why A Takeover Of Brinker International By 3G Capital Would Make Sense

    Part I
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    What Does The Future Hold For Snap Shares?

    Weak Results

The Fate Of Apple Shares In The Short Term

Smooth Sailing?
Gianrovic Perez Gulino 3 min

The IPhone Price Index

The Market Mogul Team 1 min
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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: At what point does a startup graduate into a fully-fledged multinational? Once it reaches a $50bn valuation, perhaps? Not in the case of Uber, which is valued at an estimated $68bn and still labelled by many as a startup. In any case, the San Francisco-based company reported net losses of $2.8bn in 2016 due largely to its aggressive expansion into over 70 countries. On the flip side, it reported net revenues of $6.5bn, which was higher than Yahoo, Twitter, Snapchat or Airbnb. Furthermore, the significant number of Chinese players in the above chart shows th

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: It is widely known that Tesla is a loss-making company; in fact, its losses correlate almost perfectly with its R&D expenses. In 2016, the California-based automaker reported an annual loss of $889m, which was more or less equal to how much it spent on innovation that year. This is in line with Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s master plan; in 2006, he announced a 10-year timeframe to build a sports car, then use the proceeds to build an affordable car, before using that money to build a yet cheaper automobile. With Tesla's much-awaited Model 3 due to start produ

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: The iPhone is far from being considered a bargain option in the UK or the US - particularly with its latest upgrade, which will see Brits and Americans fork out around $815 and $898 for the 128-gigabyte iPhone 7 respectively. Yet compared to some other countries, Apple’s latest smartphone looks far less dear. According to Deustche Bank’s latest ‘Mapping the World ‘s Prices’ report, consumers will have to shell out almost $400 more than in the US to get it in some other places. Despite Turkey’s GDP capita standing at less than a sixth of the US

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Snap Inc’s shares plummeted around 23.5% yesterday off the back of its earnings report, which turned out to be a disappointment despite being its first since the company’s blockbuster IPO. But the figures confirmed what many bearish investors had thought after its huge initial valuation: that slowing user growth and revenues wouldn’t be able to support the hype, particularly faced with Facebook’s feature-poaching onslaught. Audience growth fell short of analysts’ expectations as Snapchat gained only 8 million new daily active users in the first qu

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Tesla has been ramping up production recently, but its first quarter report shows that this doesn’t always mean bigger earnings. Indeed, revenues have grown to all-time high of $2.7bn - particularly driven by record vehicle deliveries, which pushed its automotive revenue well above the $2bn mark. After revenues from the rest of the business shrank briefly from Q3 to Q4 last year - enough to pull down total revenue, too - the latest report suggests that Tesla’s non-automotive business, focused on energy generation and storage, is back on track for growth

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks Netflix’s latest figures show that it’s on the brink of a major milestone, with its global subscribers totalling almost 100 million. But despite the impressive figure, the world’s leading video streaming service reported some disappointments in its first quarter earnings. It added fewer new subscribers than expected (reaching 98.75 million rather than the 98.83 million forecasted by FactSet) and, importantly for shareholders, its forward earnings guidance came in at 15 cents per share, far lower than the 24 cents per share forecasted by Thomson Reuters

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks Though today's political climate is reminiscent of a time when the world's eyes were on the two sides of the Cold War, the days when space exploration was dominated by the US and the Soviet Union are long gone. In addition to the US's NASA and what is now Russia's Rocosmos, several major powers have their own important space agencies. The European Space Agency (ESA), the China National Space Administration (estimated here because of the relative lack of data provided by the Chinese government), the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Japanese A

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: New research taking a comprehensive look at Europe’s top companies has thrown up a decisive list of the continent’s 1000 fastest growing firms, with the top 10 listed in today’s chart. The British and German domination of the top 10 is largely representative of rest of the list, of which just under 23.5% are from the UK and 23.6% from Germany. The next biggest breeding grounds for star startups were Italy (18.6%) and France (13.9%). One Polish company breaks the trend: Krakow-based Codewise has seen a dazzling compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ove

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy S8 phone, but the Korean giant rather needs its new flagship model to work if it’s to stay a major player in the smartphone game, in which its market share has dwindled almost 14% in the last four years to reach just 18.1% as of the fourth quarter of last year. Despite the infamy of its Galaxy Note fiasco, in which exploding batteries razed the entire generation of its then-second flagship phone, Samsung has been dogged by competition-related woes for the last few years. A slowdown starting in 2014, when it hit peak qua

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Share this chart Editor's Remarks: Google's parent company Alphabet has taken quite the hammering in terms of market cap as a result of its advertising fiasco. Amidst a trend of growing pressure from European governments on internet giants like Facebook to tackle extremist content, Google has been the first to take flak in the private sphere now that companies are pulling their advertising from its YouTube platform, unhappy with their name appearing alongside videos seen as promoting terrorism or hate speech. What started as a few high-value clients like the UK government and The Guardian dr

  • The Market Mogul Team    1 minute read

    Snap Hit By Slowing Growth

  • Peace Ani    9 minute read

    Brexit: The Role Of Financial Services And The UK Economy

    Brexit and the City
  • The Market Mogul Team    1 minute read

    Tesla’s Record Highs – And Lows

  • Pete McCarthy    4 minute read

    Ferrari Stock: The Case For Investing In RACE

    A Sound Investment?
  • Robert Bociaga    5 minute read

    Is It Time To Move To Alternative Credit Scoring Models?

    Assessing Risk
  • Brandon Zhao    3 minute read

    Sink Or Swim: The Retail Industry Faces Up To The Rise Of The Internet

    Go Online or Go Home
  • Emmanuel Tahar    9 minute read

    Forget About Big Data And AI – Here’s Why The Investing World Still Needs People

    Against the Tide #PGC
  • Martina Doherty    6 minute read

    Why UK Businesses Shouldn’t Lose Their Cool Over Brexit

    Seeing the Bigger Picture

Lessons Learned In 25 Years Of Corporate Governance Regulation In India

Improving Corporate Governance in India
Ashish Makhija

The Economics Of Big Data

Information Goes Big
Joao Fernandes Silva

Why 2017 Will Be The Year Of Big Data

Win or Lose... Big
Liam Lambert 11 min

How To Change The World: Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

A Vision for the Future
Arjun Saini 13 min

Introducing The Great Indian Share Buyback Extravaganza

Satisfying (Some) Investors
Rohit Mishra 5 min

Today’s World Is A Perfect Fit For Elon Musk And His EVs

Make Electric Great Again
Simone Zambetti

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Are Fighting Off Cannabis Use

Getting High (Margins)
Stephen Bitsoli

Why Alitalia Should Be Allowed To Go Bankrupt

Accepting Creative Destruction
Benedetta Arese Lucini

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