Can Samsung Turn Its Fortunes Around?

Can Samsung Turn Its Fortunes Around?

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Editor’s Remarks:
Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy S8 phone, but the Korean giant rather needs its new flagship model to work if it’s to stay a major player in the smartphone game, in which its market share has dwindled almost 14% in the last four years to reach just 18.1% as of the fourth quarter of last year. Despite the infamy of its Galaxy Note fiasco, in which exploding batteries razed the entire generation of its then-second flagship phone, Samsung has been dogged by competition-related woes for the last few years. A slowdown starting in 2014, when it hit peak quarterly smartphone shipments of almost 90 million worldwide, has seen Apple catch up with its iPhone, whose shipments stand a touch above Samsung’s total (now just short of 80 million). Still, Samsung’s scorched brand image makes for a much more difficult backdrop to the Galaxy S8’s launch. Its standout feature is its screen stretching from end-to-end. Though it may not by itself attract enough new customers, rumours that Apple will present a similar feature on its new iPhone later this year suggest that Samsung could score a symbolic victory that could turn its fortunes around by taking its rival’s fading limelight as a smartphone innovator.

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