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Bounty Swells For Fake News Hunters

Bounty Swells For Fake News Hunters

Facebook has said it will pay fact-checking services to monitor news on its social media platforms.

Editor’s Remarks: The decision comes as Facebook faces pressure over its response to ‘fake news’, which failed to abate when it started bringing in third-party fact-checkers informally as sceptics pushed for financial arrangements. Facebook’s change of heart could well be financially motivated rather than purely a response to civil groups and others critics as the penalties mount for hosting content deemed inappropriate: the German government, for example, is set to fine social media companies up to €50m for failing to combat such content within seven days, and several large companies have pulled advertising from Google’s YouTube over similar issues.

What to watch: Facebook, Crosscheck, Google, Politifact, Snopes, Correctiv, AFP

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