Apple: No Longer About The Mac?

Apple: No Longer About The Mac?

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Editor’s Remarks:
Apple recently made a rare decision to invite reporters into its headquarters. The reason for this fleeting glimpse? Its execs wanted to remind the world that they are still trying to stay in the business of computer innovations in a world where most of the biggest developments have come from the smartphone industry. Marketing Senior Vice President Phil Schiller said that Apple have “big plans for the iMac” and are “in the process of completely rethinking the Mac Pro” – a wise move, perhaps, considering just how much the Mac’s relevance to the company as a whole has waned over the last 15 years. Computer sales stood at about 80% of Apple’s total revenue when the iPod was launched in 2002, but have fallen ever since. It was briefly pushed up after 2006’s launch of the iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro, before the iPhone’s launch in 2007 quickly steered it back downhill. Almost seven years since the iPad’s launch, and the figure is now a measly 11%. Discussing unfinished products is almost as rare as being let into the tech giant’s belly, which perhaps goes to show just how desperate Apple is to reverse this trend.

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