Latest Articles On Africa

Egypt Football Ban Lifted: Fans to Attend International Soccer Matches

6 min James M. Dorsey

Nigeria’s Diaspora Bond Bet: Is It Worth It?

4 min Arun Sohan-Pall

Hear the Drums Echoing Tonight? The Relentless March of Online Money Transfers in Africa

Jens Ischebeck    8 min

Sub-Saharan Africa: A Region Holding Back the Continent

Timothy Abwoga    4 min

African Demographics: The Challenges Ahead

Population Boom
Robert Bociaga 3 min

African Energy: Getting the Right Combination

Power the Future
Elisabeth Wiebusch 6 min

Charts On Africa

  • James Lambert    5 minute read

    African Tech Start-Ups and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    A New Dawn
  • Gwyneth Rose    5 minute read

    Blockchain: A Revolutionary Catalyst for Financial Inclusiveness

    Breaking Down Barriers
  • Abbey Ikudaisi    5 minute read

    What’s in Store for the African Startup Scene?

    Venture to Africa
  • Arjun Krishna    8 minute read

    The Pearl of Africa: Dissecting Uganda’s Natural Resources

    Living Up to Its Name?
  • Calvin Ebun-Amu    3 minute read

    The End of PINs in South Africa: Enter Biometric Cards

    Tackling Card Fraud
  • Janna Kiseeva    9 minute read

    Formalisation and the Lack of Capital Markets in Developing Countries

    Lost Potential
  • Yuqing Ma    8 minute read

    Unorganised Urbanisation and Emerging Diseases in the World’s Urban Populations

    Risking it for the City
  • Ana Paula Picasso    5 minute read

    The Tobacco Industry: A Tale of Two Worlds

    Behind the Smokescreen

Zanzibar’s Groundbreaking Universal Pension Scheme

Protecting Africa
Rara Reines 5 min

Ethiopian Airlines: From the Horn of Africa to the Top of the Airlines Industry

An Industry Leader
Calvin Ebun-Amu

How Africa’s FinTech Industry is Impacting its Growth and Development

A Future Leader?
Olakale Lipede

Could the Billionaire Class Be the Driving Force for a New Africa?

Unlocking a Wealthy Continent
Abbey Ikudaisi

The African Economy: A Continent in Transition

Sustaining Momentum
Clifford Mayaka

How Will Brexit Impact Africa

Close Connections
Calvin Ebun-Amu

Kenya Launches the World’s First Mobile Bond

Changing Finance
Calvin Ebun-Amu

How Africa’s Sovereign Wealth Funds Could Bridge Its Financing Gap

Leveraging Infrastructure
Rara Reines 5 min

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